Monday, May 4, 2015

Not For The Timid (or those who live in a Bubble)

Can you imagine treating jiggers or caring for children who have been raped so many times that the smell of dying semen exudes from their bodies? Can you imagine a child cut, a baby girl gashed open vaginally so as to accommodate intercourse by men seeking to rid themselves of the HIV virus?
Can you just for a moment envision children living under garbage at garbage dumps in order to hide from sexual predators and to stay warm. How about homeless children who have a bounty placed upon their lives for cash. Children who are hunted, killed for a few dollars because they are overwhelming the population? What about teen aged boys who are buried alive because they present a threat to becoming men. Even worse boys who are raised to be sexual slaves to men.
they need help

Of course we have those persons who make a living cruising the streets of America and other countries looking for young runaways. These people shower, dress and go to work daily looking for kids to dope up and then to ship off to various places around the world for the purpose of sex.

This is our world today. Millions of people are fighting this hellish reality, people of faith, people who are fearless, people who do not live in a bubble but who are in the dirt, fighting hell.

The Jeff Morton Report is committed to popping into your bubble if you will so as to introduce you to those fighting for LIFE. My show is not even a droplet big enough to fall into the bucket. I cannot even claim a cliche!

What I can do is take this media that is now available, pitch a few nickles and dimes and pray God help me as I introduce you to what is reality for those in the trenches. The Jeff Morton Report along with Worship and Word Radio have put together an Internet program asking those person who know what jiggers are, who know what it is like to hold a ten year old girl, repeatedly raped and thrown away, who know what it is like to cry out to God for help in front of YOU

Paypal Territory Ministries
Diane Needs Help
We are also hoping to cause YOU to do more than just throw money at a problem but to be a solution to a problem. My show is about us, about life and about serving people.

At the end of the day that is what being a person of faith is all about. Loving God and loving our neighbors is not a feel good, emotional blip that we get to do from time to time but rather a Kingdom command..

If you are on the battlefield please come and share what the fight is, what the sacrifice is, what the need is. Many of us have an abstract sense of what it is YOU do. We cannot imagine waiting for water to come to our village. Bathing from a can or eating with no refrigeration, who does that anymore? We have so much blessings and wealth that we cannot fathom seeing dead bodies on trash heaps as 4 year old children sit by crying because the body is their Momma!

Currently, I wonder how my wife and I will eat through the month because what we have goes to others and helps put my program on the Internet. We also have bills and taxes and not a whole lot of income. We sort of live in the moment but, we live far better than the people who I am writing about. Compared to them we are blessed with so much! It blows my mind what America has been given and what we are doing with it. I am not into distributing wealth. I am into, "THY KINGDOM COME!"

You are addicted to drugs because you believe a lie,
Just ask David Robinson
I will keep looking for nickles and dimes to pay for all of this because this is something that I can do. I will ask for a Camera until Abba, Father, provides one and continue writing this blog, and improving my broadcast until I cannot do any of it......

What are you doing?

Doing a show on the internet about people living in hell, serving others who have only known hell, is very emotional. Easy to turn it off (especially this generation) Well, I am going to keep sharing with you what they go through and what they need and how YOU can help......

Your support is what makes the difference. God has never shown up with a bag of money. Instead he sends YOU

To those who support me and our show and Scott Bell and the people who come onto my broadcast to give a report. THANK YOU! To those of you who can but don't what's the problem?

For those of you who run towards the battle and who have always understood this. You are the continuity that keeps the oath(s) of God before humanity. 
He calls us part of the remnant.

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