Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I am going to make three predictions!

I have been wrong before when making predictions (I am not talking about a prophetic absolute)
The Daily Signal

The Supreme Court is looking at several issues

  • Obamacare 
  • Staying the order of deportation based on the Presidential Executive powers
  • Same Sex Marriage

The fact that the Supreme Court is now capable of making legal decisions overriding, WE THE PEOPLE in and of itself is...a clue!

Since the world is rejecting God, He is allowing mankind to suffer a reprobate mind. Therefore, I predict

  • Obamacare will not be defeated
  • Illegal Immigration will win, legal status (You all can chuckle on this oxymoron)
  • Same Sex Unions/Marriage will become law

Their are times when being wrong is a blessing, I sure hope this is one of those times (But I don't think so)

Have a nice day!

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