Thursday, May 28, 2015

FOR SALE...(I happen to know both of these cars)

So I said to my friend in Beaverton, Oregon...."You want me to put these on my blog?"
His response was, "Sure!" Well, I have never done anything like this before but for this friend, Yup, you bet!

The owner of these two vehicles is one of these people who can fix anything. His garage looks like a mechanic/slash welding/"We can fix anything" place. I have been in both of these two vehicles. The "Beamer" is like a modified racing car. I do not have the ability to tell you all of the modifications this car has experienced. I just know that I have been scared to death in it a few times. The person who buys this car is not getting a vehicle with 151,000 mi on it but a race car that corners like a hawk swooping down upon it;s prey, No kidding! Oh, yes he took all of these pictures about this car too! Click Here [So James, where is the "stand alone" pic of the M3 

1999 BMW M3 odometer: 151000paint color : black type : coupedrive : rwd fuel : gastransmission : manual title status : cleancylinders : 6 cylinders
condition: excellent

I met the Cobra Mustang (Below) when in parts lying around the same mechanic/welding/"We can fix anything" place! You and I call places like this, HOME
James was doing something amazing to the suspension and "only God Knows" what that all was. I had the pleasure of riding in this car too....OH MY GOSH! Click Here

Anyway, I avoid riding with James because he likes to make cars ride on the road like a disguised Ferrari. I think his getting married last year does what it does to all of us...We tend to grow, hint, hint!

Just contact my friend, James Porter via Craig's list...James is on the left with our friend Paul, Yup he is slightly full of life!
This is such a great picture

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