Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Who is Cherie Calbom?

To the men who read my stuff:

Just for a moment imagine you are a woman sleeping in your bed. You wake up to a man that you do not know who is not supposed to be in your bedroom....

Guys really think about this...sit back and think hard about this!

Now imagine it is a teenage boy standing over you who begins beating the living crap out of you with a metal pipe. (For those who have experienced such a thing, this is not directed at you)

This actually happened to my guest Cherie Calbom who will be offering a report about how this single incident changed her life. Cherie serves the Kingdom of God; indeed, the "Body of God" as a direct result. She is affectionately called the Juice Lady. I hope you will join us this weekend as Cherie shares her story and offers to those who don't fully understand why God planted a garden an excellent explanation!

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