Sunday, April 5, 2015

Virtual Israel? Coming in May

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The technology is here. Strongly recommend visiting to learn about what this will offer....amazing!

I copied the following from

Cultural Xchange : "Israel"

Coming in May 2015!

We recommend using a Google Chrome browser.
If you don't own a powerful computer or have a fast connection, it may take a while to load. Click on the video to use your mouse & arrow buttons for moving the picture. Zoom in/out and around. This is a mere facsimile of the exciting new technology available with VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets.

Time-lapse of various sites around Israel

March of Remembrance at the Israeli Knesset February 24, 2015

You can be standing in Israel RIGHT NOW without leaving your chair!

Or how about Petra, Jordan?

What is VRIDEO?

Why wait for the future?

Be the first in your city to see Israel in virtual reality!

Get this Homido VR headset for around $100 RIGHT NOW by clicking the link below. 

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