Monday, April 20, 2015

Un-Coloring Race, The Jeff Morton Report, this Blog, AJKM Productions all exists to support YOU, "The Kids of the Kingdom!"

If ever the time should come whereby many of us are dragged from our respective lives due to persecution of Christians, Hebrew Roots, Judaism, Messianic..[etc, etc] I want to have the presence of mind to say, "I did all that I thought God was asking me to do in support of who he is and why we exist in the first place!"

Watching the murdering of Christian men, women, and children...knowing that thousands upon thousands are being slaughtered makes it even more urgent to do something, say something, stand for something! Waiting for the door to be kicked in is not an option. I am going to promote the people who Love God until I cannot do so!

I have a couple of ideas swirling around in my head but WE need a few things to make it happen.

I have a couple of people who will assist me in making videos declaring what is written here and throughout my Internet activity

  • Corel Software for editing

  • Video Camera (In order to record location video shoots)
  • Lapel Microphones

I am going to keep finding ways to promote God, to promote his Kingdom, to fight against the lies concerning HIS Israel and to support believers.....For such a time as this.

For those who support what I do
Please make a contribution in support to help me acquire the material needed sooner rather than later!

Thank you!

If I don't ask you for HELP, you won't know that I need it!

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