Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Differences Between Christianity and Me

The picture above does not represent the Christian story. It represents the story of Israel.
I use to believe that Jesus was the head of the church and that the Father, the Son and the Holy-Ghost were in tandem with one another saving souls, making a place for Christians to dwell forever in heaven. The matter was a simple one, accept Jesus and be saved. Going to various churches over the last 37 years, hearing various messages about how to walk out my faith. The focus was always Jesus. I grew to understand love, agape love and how Jesus laid down his life for me. Ever present was the teaching that the Jews rejected Jesus and that through their denial of him he was nailed to a cross. I was taught this in every church that I have ever been in. Every pastor would ask a variety of questions and than proceed to "dig into the word for appropriate answers.

None taught me about Israel, The Festivals, the Shemitah, God said to me, "Go Learn Why I was Jewish" I started learning about the House of Israel, The Lion of the tribe of Judah and an entirely different Biblical story than the one Christianity taught to me.

I met Jim Staley:

I met Mark Biltz

I met Tony Robinson

I met Itzahk Shapira

I met Rico Cortes

I have talked with a variety of Jewish teachers of Torah, Talmudic writings, and the Besorah. I live amazed at what they have known for centuries that Christianity simply does not know. Likewise, many Jewish people have zero understanding of the writings of their brethren in the Besorah or Gospels. Here too, I live amazed!

I could list 200 additional names but I won't. What I will say is that my Christian understanding of the Bible has been dramatically enhanced. A better way to describe what has happened is I understand Israel in such a way that what I was taught via Christianity is so diminished that much of what  have known has far greater meaning. When talking with fellow Christians, my heart weeps for what is missing in how they understand the word of God...

As far as Prophecy, I watch what I now understand happening with a clarity that simply does not exist in Christianity. I no longer have a desire to try to share this within New Testament theology........

Today, I wonder why God showed all of this to me?
Currently, I just want to support people who are helping people because I know with absolute clarity that judgment is coming to the nations.....Especially......America!

God why did you tell me to go learn why you were Jewish? Now that I know what I know. Realizing that the more I learn the more I do not know!
Father, why did you ask me to do these things?

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