Tuesday, April 7, 2015

KT McFarland is exactly right

I said to my best friend yesterday:

I am wondering why God showed to me all of what I now understand. Every day is just getting worse and worse because I understand better and better how God does things. I feel so sad internally about what is occurring.......at the same time eager to watch it happen?......

Watching world leaders oblivious to God's hand upon everything is so defeating because I know that so many people will die as a result.....Watching mankind ignorantly challenge God as they plan to divide his land is for me making a statement as to just how far away from him we have become. Watching an entire generation living life without God while a bomb is soon to go off amazes me.

KT McFarland said yesterday. (Paraphrasing) The war getting ready to happen between Sunni and Shiite in the Middle East will be bigger than any war, ever!"

She continued: 'The Obama Administration is support Iran against ISIS while at the same time supporting Saudi Arabia against Iran, this is INSANE' (Paraphrasing)  I agree! 

For the record: Every word that comes out of president Barack Obama's mouth to me is straight out of Hell.....

More importantly, I am watching what I could never see within Christianity happening with lightening speed. The restoration of Israel is happening and hell is trying to stop it...I live amazed!

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