Sunday, April 12, 2015

I Got Issues, Too!

The video explains why I made it.
This is my favorite
picture of Michele,
My wife.

The world is tossing God under the bus. My wife and I are not. We cling to Biblical truth albeit, differently. As mentioned in the video, God put our marriage back together, of this I am convinced!"
I received an email asking the following (in part):

"I find it odd that you would place such personal details about your marriage on the Internet, is your wife in agreement?"

My response:

We talk about God incessantly on the world wide web. We talk about how God changes lives, doctrine, and various disciplines in following biblical truth. The truth in most of our lives is that we have scars, brokenness, a plethora of dysfunctions that caused us to run to God in the first place.....I share some of mine because I have made my life public via my writings, my book(s) my radio program and internet activity. We always hope sharing difficult stuff helps others who may be in the same situation. Ultimately we run to God......

My entire life on the internet is due to God. Nothing else is worth talking about. God changes lives when we turn to him...I am not ashamed to share how he has and continues to do so in our lives, our marriage and our family. My wife shared my video and was very please that I finally got it, confessed it and am wiling to move on with her as we seek God together!.... 
My wife trusts me when sharing about with our personal lives.......Nuff Said!

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