Thursday, April 16, 2015

Historical Hillary Clinton..(for the 25 and under crowd)

If you are 25 years old trust me, YOU have no idea about a lot of what is in this post but, YOU should.

"Who was Sal Alinsky" is like asking, "What is Satan's human name!"

Vince Foster Scandal

White Water Scandal

Jorge Cabrera

File Gate

Monica Lewinsky and the liars, liars, liars, pants on fire!

Now Monica is joining the View...whoop whoop! 
It is like flies looking for poop, they always find it! Must be Hump Day!

The blue dress, the semen, and the "Stand By Your Man circus

Hey Bill, If we just steal it, we can lie about this too!

"Benghazi Smaghazi" Get off my Ass, so what four men died big deal whoop, whoop!

Ron Brown's plane just fell out of the sky, no black boxes, no explanation, yuck, yuck!

The women who came forward saying Bill Clinton, ya know..Hillary's husband, our president tried putting his fingers, hands, toes and you know that other thingy inside of me!

  1. Paula Jones
  2. Juanita Broderick
  3. Jennifer Flowers
  4. Kathleen Willey

They chased us down the tarmac with cannons, missiles and a whole bunch of weapons trying to kill ...ME! Liar, Liar, Liar!

We was broke when we left the White House, Ya'll no what I mean?

I could go on and on and on...but My copy and paste finger is getting tired.
I will leave you with this thought:

If your a liberal, progressive, socialist Democrat than you are at this moment saying..."So what!" On the other hand, If you are a human being who is principled and gifted with the concept of critical thinking fully intact, you are saying at this very moment...

"Oh heck no, this 'Evil Monster' can never be president! Barack was bad enough. We cannot possibly do this again, or can we?" 

Terror is now coursing through your sensibilities, You are realizing that doing nothing ensures that they keep winning!

  • If you are a Republican in what?
  • If you are an American who loves God, Stand Up!

And remember, somewhere in our world Joe Biden is making a blooper!

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