Sunday, March 8, 2015

Watching A Man Burned Alive Changed Everything

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While watching the video SEVERAL TIMES of the Jordanian military officer burned alive arguing about God, the Jews, the Christians, and even the Muslims became ridiculous. I could do absolutely nothing to help rescue this man. Instead I begun to re-evaluate why I was doing any of what I do.......

With declarations such as, "Jesus died for my sins, Jesus is not God, The Jews killed Jesus, Allah is the one true God, the Christian Bible, the Hebrew Bible" oh my gosh! the man set ablaze, children buried alive, headless women strewn all about the lands of the Middle East are reason enough for me to stop trying to prove anything!

Having reasoned out for 8 years now this amazing thing God poured into me I have come to the conclusion that I am to represent life! Watching this person die so horribly solidified in me a correction that God has been forcing me to see....He loves us, this is what life is, and this is what he showed to me....I don't have to prove anything beyond that.

All of us throughout every generation have witnessed the killing of one another. History records some of the most hellish ways that we have fostered when killing one another. Like my friend, Dan Cathcart says, "We think ourselves (In today's reality) disconnected from the past when in fact we simply repeat it!" many have existed with the mind of Bill Gates or Henry Ford with one difference, those people invented ways to kill others!

Murder, mayhem, and the thirst for humanity to kill our neighbor is as common as is writing about it. Pick a millennium, it matters not which one. Human suffering inflicted upon people by people is historical in every year past.......

Currently we  are watching the Jews of Israel surrounded by nations united for one cause, to divide the land of the Bible...again! Many of these nations will kill every Jew if need be in order that this be accomplished. The most powerful nations are discussing how to divide the land. Christians living in these lands are being annihilated just as are hundreds of thousands of Arabs.........People are dying due to butchery faster than disease can kill.

The very fact that Israel is born again is lost in the conversation, and their are many conversations. Some say these people are not true Jews or the full house of Israel is scattered or that the Jews were actually black or African. Others say that the Jews are Europeans and not part of the children of Jacob. Meanwhile, an enemy like Amalek is moving towards this nation as a roaring lion seeking to Rob, Kill and Destroy, Hmmmm, where have I heard this before?

Watching Muath Al-Kasaesbeh burned alive tore at my chest, my soul, my spirit. Having spent years reading, researching, accumulating a plethora of knowledge about how we kill one another throughout the generations I saw, in living color what billions of people, historically have seen.
From South Africa's horrible past against blacks to the Holocaust, the slave trade and the genocide in Cambodia, Russia, Armenia of recent memory. We kill, we hurt and we find reasons to hate our neighbor.

I remember reading about how the Japanese soldiers would toss Filipino & Chinese babies from roof tops hoping to catch them for sport on the blade of their bayonets. I recall reading about how Antiocus IV would have Hebrew children, infants found to be circumcised  speared through the rectum and out of the mouth tying rope around the tips in order that the child be hung about the mother's neck for one year. The Khmer Rouge of Cambodia killed lawyers, doctors virtually anyone who was educated by the millions. Some of the photographs of this carnage made my skin crawl.

I have said all of this to say, as a believer of God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I am watching what he is doing. I am not certain what truth is beyond our interpretation but I am watching the signs of what God said he would do to redeem all of us. In fact, I am witnessing the most amazing things happen that men cannot do.......

Watching Muath Al-Kassaesbeh destroyed was enough for me to ask the question, "Who am I helping in the face of this man's horrific death?" How am I representing what I see God doing?
He said, feed the hungry, take care of the widow provide for the orphans, love your neighbor as yourself. With the Amalek's of the world moving like a plague across the societies of men God has asked us to be a light........
I want to help people and to promote those people who are helping others, I am done fighting with my brothers and my sisters about the truth.........
The picture above and many, many more like them is also truth. I pray we stand against this truth as a body not broken!

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