Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TorahCents, who is my friend, who is Samone Thomas Blakely, Loves her Sister (who needs help)


Can a whole bunch of you spare $5.00? Is the Internet capable of raising $15.000 for ONE life? It will take 3000 of you giving a 5 dollar bill....

Can the Internet bless a mother who has a daughter who is ill? Will the Internet make a difference in ONE life?

No it cannot...but all of you can! Please join with the Jeff Morton Report and others to use the Internet for ONE life

Click Here....Go Fund Me.
 Can we help her Mother to help her daughter, to help our sister ?

A note from our friend, Samone
I just want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all that donated towards my big sister Stephanie’s healing and/or showed support by sharing, liking, giving advice and sharing words of encouragement! Love you all for that!

No matter what odds she has against her…We still have faith that we can beat this thing!

I just wanted to share a few throwback pics of Stephanie and I. The pic on the left I was only a couple months old while my sister fed me and the pic on the right she had just finished doing my hair so we decided to take a pic of the results (she always kept my hair done. Lol)

Thanks again everyone!

(See link to read her story and to donate --->http://www.gofundme.com/savingstephanie…

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