Monday, March 23, 2015

The problem with "Hebrew Roots Movement"

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We believe that if God wanted to he could snap his finger causing all of men or mankind to know instantaneously what ever he wanted us to know. Why not, he calls down fire from heaven from himself:

Genesis 19:24 Then Yahweh rained on Sodom and on Gomorrah sulfur and fire from Yahweh out of the sky.

For us to think that God cannot be in the earth talking with Gideon, or Moses or, Abraham, while at the same time in Heaven or on Pluto or anywhere at anytime is absurd. Yet we think what we think therefore it must be true. Some think he cannot be born of a virgin or walk the earth as a man. There are people in this earth who think God cannot do a few things because, well because that is what someone told to someone and both decided to believe it. Here is the irony, God created Pluto, the Heavens, virgins and the ability for us to think about anything!

The problem with the Hebrew Roots movement is that someone told someone else that Hebrew Roots is false. Both of those two believed it and "Shaazam, Presto, Manifico", a new religion was born. Satan did something similar. From that moment onward God was not a part of the whole thing.

The problem is actually very simple to comprehend. God is not involved! This is what happens to men on a regular basis. We conclude that God is not involved.

King David had the brains to become a rather extraordinary, amazing King of Israel. However, God did not involve him in the making of automobiles. Likewise, Adam named the animals while Vice President Gore created the Internet. You simply have a choice to believe one and not the other or both! Some believe Gore created the internet and is warning of a global barbecue. God of course is not responsible for what Gore thinks. Nevertheless, God is responsible for the life of Gore, Gore made his choice on what he wants to believe.

The problem with how we think is not a problem for what God does. He could turn off the air or move the earth a few billion miles closer to Canis Majoris. Instead, He chose to do another Hebrew Movement! He also chose to do it after planting into the thoughts of mankind the Internet...Sorry Al Gore, you only invent deception.

So here we are returning to the root of what God started through Jacob. All over the world the "Hebrew Roots Movement is EXPLODING! While the choice to kill is also exploding like a plague rolling across the globe. King David did not have the technology of today However, what King David did know was the same sort of plagues that Israel faced. So too, did Joshua as he faced the same lunacy that Israel faces today.

Let me make a suggestion.....Let us not focus on the problem but rather the movement. The movement is returning many of us back to Israel. Not what the Jews did or failed to do but rather, what God has always been doing through the seed of Abraham.....

The remarkable thing if you ask me is, the plague like dread, causing death all over the world is also moving towards what God is doing in Israel. Christianity is born out of a tree rooted in Israel based on the letters of several Hebrews...Time to make a choice, Vice President Al Gore or the God of Abraham? Skin Color, or Kingdom Creation? Religion or God's Law? Foolishness or Holiness? Your denomination or the God of Creation.You and I have been granted the same gift that Adam had, choice, choose life or choose death? Adam was neither Christian, Hebrew, Buddhist, or Islamic. He chose to believe something other than what God commanded when he accepted something mixed into the truth. A ka-billion religions later all do the same thing, mix up truth and throw God's laws away!

I chose to return or to teshuva...back to what God is doing! You can call it what ever you wish! And yes, I believe he came into the earth through a virgin, was nailed to a tree in order that Israel be restored and mankind be saved. When he overcame death life is restored......
Thank you Abba, Father for the Hebrew movement that you began with Abraham! Way back then just as today, you continue to remove your people out of Egypt!

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