Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sucking On A Crack Pipe? (The cost is gigantic!)

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One day I found myself addicted to crack cocaine. I was a business owner (Restaurants) wondering how in the hell did I do this to me? I was so far away from God at the time. I can recall the hell of chasing that drug in the same manner as I now chase after YHVH. One great big difference is that the drug did not provide anything beyond destruction. Learning about God, the Torah, Ancient Covenants, the Gospel has been Trans-formative. My life has not only changed but, how I see the world is completely, totally different. How I see my Christian faith is almost completely opposite than all of the years that I spent in the Sunday church.

I was watching the TBN Program with Perry Stone, Mark Biltz, Bill Salus and Jonathan Cahn I understood what they were sharing in the same way I understand tying my shoes! Watching Perry Stone have several "AH-HA" moments was  encouraging. (I have always thought Perry just ain't getting this?)

So, I was thinking about all of the, "Thinking" that was going on in my world that led to a crack cocaine addiction. My belief system was based on just getting through the day, keeping a business going, raising a family. The fundamental truth about family, success and life in general was about doing life. I had no concept of being a part of the Kingdom of God, why he created family and what the end game was beyond growing old and hoping for the best.

Most of the world lives in this place, just trying to do life...I now understand that reality to be insane, wrought with chaos....God is not a God of Chaos!

I no longer see that as life but rather the Kingdom of God as life, eternal life! I see what God is doing, completing, preparing! It is breath taking! Nevertheless, my family, people around me the world over cannot see any of this.....................
Most are just trying to do life as it has been presented to us by the hand of men. Albeit, most are not crack heads or fallen for the, "Okie-Doke" like I did. However, and  due to being fallen from God most cannot see the hand of God preparing  an eternal, forever, timeless existence....
This is what I see, this is where I live today.

The things that men have raised up with out this truth is going to end, that life has to end. This is what Perry Stone, Mark Biltz, Bill Salus, and Jonathan Cahn are saying. I understand......but my kids do not.
Oh how I wish I had known these things when everyone of them were born!
The cost, my kids are just trying to do life the one that men created and I cannot show them what the difference is. My children were very young during my addiction days but, they were not stupid.

Thank You ABBA Father for delivering me from the addiction and then blowing my mind with what you are doing. I will share who you are until you place me into the dust of the earth.

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