Monday, March 9, 2015

Put Your Point Back Into Your Pocket (and help someone)

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Emperor Constantine Hated the Hebrews.
So did most of the church Fathers of his day

I am very pleased with the first two broadcasts of the Jeff Morton Report. I am doing more of what I wanted to do as opposed to Blog Talk Radio and Seattle Communications, Freedom 1590 via I am grateful to Scott Bell who broadcasts our show on his 365 Live internet station. Scott also edits the program and rebroadcasts my show twice on Wednesdays in the AM and PM (I am not sure what time)

Okay so here is what is happening with me........
I believe that Emperor Constantine tossed out all Hebraic influence of the Scriptures. As a result we are disconnected from a gigantic measure of what the Bible is communicating. I believe that God is returning fallen men back to his ways and I believe that Israel is an imperative set apart for reasons beyond much of human intellect in today's reality, much has waxed cold. (I believe that deception and blindness are in play )

God's hand is continuing to do what he promised to Abraham. I don't believe that what we have done or failed to do has altered what God is doing at all. I believe that Rabbinic Judaism rejected the renewing of the covenant, Messianic Judaism did not...and so it goes. Neither has stopped God from regathering his people.

He said "LOVE thy neighbor," He said, "Take care of the Widow," He said, "Feed the POOR," He said, "Take care of the FATHERLESS."

Well, I am done arguing about theology. I am studying ancient Near East Covenant Treaty Law, promoting those doing the above and trying to finish a book. I am doing so with a core belief that religion is the serpents manner of controlling, deceiving and killing people. I believe that the Laws of a just and righteous God offer life, liberty and safety. This is core to my walk with Abba, Father!
Furthermore, I see racism, bigotry and antisemitism as another form of deception woven into religious and societal interpretations ignoring the statutes, commandments and laws of God. People to me are the miracle not the malignancy! We just seem to be so far away from the purposes of God, hence the need to return...When has mankind not been in tribulation or chaos after Adam?

Do I believe a man died on a tree in order to renew the covenant(s) with Israel, yup! Do I believe he took away the sin of the world...Lawlessness is sin and therefore....Nope! I do believe however that he made a way for all people to return to what is being done from the moment God spoke!

I am not looking for a crowd to follow or a people group to accept me. Rather, I am trying to "Prepare Ye the way of the LORD" by loving, helping and standing up for people. I stand with Israel because of what God is doing through HIS NATION for the other nations that he raised up in this earth.....I am watching God while at the same time putting my finger back into my pocket or raising up both hands to worship the Lion of the Tribe of Yehuda........My pointing days are over!

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