Friday, March 27, 2015

Do You Believe the Lie of Drug Abuse?

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On The Jeff Morton Report:
David Robinson
For forty years David Robinson's god was drugs and drug abuse. For forty years this man burnt bridges, lied, deceived, introduced gut, rot chemicals into his body, crippled family relationships, and ran from God. God was right behind him throughout this journey keeping him, protecting him, loving him! David will share his story, he will give to us a "Report" about what happened the day God said, "Enough is Enough!" David Robinson has a vision for those wanting to be delivered from hell!

We will have a special two hour broadcast 
featuring segments by this weekend TorahCents or Samone Thomas Blakey "Talking to the Ladies?"

Nathan Grapes will finish up his series on the wedding at Sinai
Our disaster preparedness segment featuring Elizabeth Smatlak. She has a heartfelt message to share, so stay tune for: 

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