Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Do the Work of The Kingdom"

The Jeff Morton Report (

My company, AJKM Productions is not a non profit nor are we a 501C3 by design. In fact, we don't have a product to sell or a service to provide. My radio program, book(s) and everything else that I do needed an entity so I started AJKM Productions. As I continue on the journey of knowing God, Knowing Torah, the Gospels, Ancient Covenant Treaty Law and the on going revelation of why we are all here my world continues to live in awe!
I idea for the Jeff Morton Report (my new Radio broadcast via the Internet) is due to a question that I asked God, "God, why are we in the family arguing doctrine and fighting among ourselves?" The answer I received was "Do the work of the Kingdom, feed the hungry, take care of the widow, lift up the orphan love your neighbor."

Well, I don't have lots of money, no longer make a very good income, I have bills and debt with a car that is going on 275.000 miles. So, I looked at what I do have. The thing that I have the most of, (an abundance when considering all that I have) is desire! I desire to help people. I get frustrated because I never have enough money to bless someone. So I started the broadcast (Our fist show was March 1, 2015)
I went from Blog talk Radio to Salem Communications (AM Radio Seattle) back to the Internet with a different focus. The focus of my broadcast is to present YOU to our audience. If you are an organization, ministry, church, synagogue, home fellowship or Bible centered individual who is "Feeding the Poor, Taking care of Orphans, Providing for Widows, Loving your neighbor, if you want to share what you are doing, why you are doing it, my show is a place for you to do just that.

Contact us at or call me 253 448-4777 My show broadcasts live from 4:00 to 5:30 Sunday (PM) Pacific in the USA (West Coast)
I truly believe that OUR God is neither Messianic, does not practice Christianity or Judaism nor is he Hebrew Roots but rather, he is "I AM"

We are the reason he has done all of this. In the face of those who are killing us we have to stand for LIFE and we have to stand as one!.........
While we argue doctrine our brethren are being tortured, our children are being buried alive, our women are being beheaded, men are being burned alive and our babies are being killed in the womb or cut in half. Israel is once again being threatened with total destruction. These are the realities of our generation.

So many are fighting, serving, and standing up for the Kingdom but not enough of us are representing "THY KINGDOM COME. My show is hoping to put YOU in front of those who do not know how to help, or don't know what is needed or simply don't know what is going on! If you are interested in being a guest or know of those who need to be heard we have a 90 minute broadcast just for YOU.
Thank you for supporting what we are doing and for tuning in to our broadcast....

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