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Raped at a urinal in a movie theater....at 13?

I was stunned when my guest on the "Jeff Morton Report" opened our show sharing what started him on a 40 year drug addiction

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TorahCents, who is my friend, who is Samone Thomas Blakely, Loves her Sister (who needs help)


Can a whole bunch of you spare $5.00? Is the Internet capable of raising $15.000 for ONE life? It will take 3000 of you giving a 5 dollar bill....

Can the Internet bless a mother who has a daughter who is ill? Will the Internet make a difference in ONE life?

No it cannot...but all of you can! Please join with the Jeff Morton Report and others to use the Internet for ONE life

Click Here....Go Fund Me.
 Can we help her Mother to help her daughter, to help our sister ?

A note from our friend, Samone
I just want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all that donated towards my big sister Stephanie’s healing and/or showed support by sharing, liking, giving advice and sharing words of encouragement! Love you all for that!

No matter what odds she has against her…We still have faith that we can beat this thing!

I just wanted to share a few throwback pics of Stephanie and I. The pic on the left I was only a couple months old while my sister fed me and the pic on the right she had just finished doing my hair so we decided to take a pic of the results (she always kept my hair done. Lol)

Thanks again everyone!

(See link to read her story and to donate --->http://www.gofundme.com/savingstephanie…

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Sarah Liberman

If you love music, if you love worship...YOU will love Sarah Liberman's "God, Full Of Mercy" her brilliant presentation of both!

I heard an interview that Scott Bell of Worship and Word Radio had the pleasure of doing with Sarah Liberman. I now have her album. I cannot stop listening to her worship of Messiah....Simply put, it is a very, very easy thing to just melt right into the presence of YHVH with her...

Click below to watch YOU TUBE video

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"Thy Kingdom Come" will have no Law because of Grace(?)

I am watching God's Laws kicked out of society. What is voted into law in our generation is contrary to God, the world over.........The same situation was occurring when Jesus restored the instruction of the kingdom and made atonement for breaking God's laws

Jesus did not change one jot, one tittle, not one word of the Laws of God

We equate law in our culture with police, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, either breaking the law or keeping the law etc, etc.. We try to follow the rules in order to keep peace in our lives. Visions of stop signs, traffic rules, legal, binding, contracts flutter around in our heads. The possibility of jail time or worse, prison keeps many of us from flagrantly violating the law. This reality is predominant throughout the earth. Therefore societies are predominantly governed by laws and rules. Why does the God of creation cement this concept into mankind? He introduced these concepts during the Garden. He used two trees, laws of sacrifice and inheritance as forerunners to "THY KINGDOM COME!"

When did this change?

What part of God's kingdom will exist without law, without keeping his commandments?

Romans 2:13 The hearers of The Written Law are not righteous ones before God, but the doers of The Written Law are justified.
James 1:22 But be a doer of the word and not only a hearer, and do not deceive yourselves.
Galatians 3:21 Is the law then against the promises of God? Certainly not! For if there had been a law given which could make alive, most certainly righteousness would have been of the law.
Leviticus 18:26 But you must keep my decrees and my laws. The native-born and the foreigners residing among you must not do any of these detestable things,

The Bible is a book of  Statutes, Commandments and Laws, that bring order to chaos. What we have done to it via our interpretations, misunderstanding, and sinful ways is insist on, confusion, deception. Thou shall not is...very specific!

1 John 3:4 Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.
Matthew 5:19 Whoever, therefore, shall break one of these least commandments, and teach others to do so, shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven; but whoever shall do and teach them shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Because of grace God changed everything according to the last 1800 years of church theology? No human being alive understood grace better than Noah but centuries later God made grace somewhat different according to the last 1800 years of church theology? Hmmmmm? (scratching my head)

So by what standard will God rule the nations?
What will be the basis of judgment?
If the laws of God are fulfilled then by what rules will he judge the nations?
If Jesus took us out from under the law what does he mean when saying emphatically, "Keep my commandments?"

Have you noticed that those who hate God's laws are intolerant of the church, Israel, Christians, Jews, and justice? Have you noticed that the laws of God are perverted and made meaningless. Have you noticed too, that the nations are rejecting the Bible in so doing lawlessness is become governance across the globe. So if God fulfilled the law why is chaos catapulting mankind into tribulation.

Psalm 78:10 For they did not keep the covenant of God and they did not choose to walk in his Law.

Many, many people believe that God fulfilled his laws proving he is the author and finisher of our faith. Our faith in what? Perhaps his statutes, his commandments, his laws or succinctly, his ways?  As a result of his death he asks us to do what in accordance to the laws of, THY KINGDOM COME?

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"Bean Boozled Challenge?"

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This was fun, enjoy!
My voice sure has changed since the cancer surgery which caused some of my vocal chords to be removed. Listening to myself is a constant reminder of surviving cancer! (Smile)

Racism and Deception are spelled exactly the same!

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Last night at dinner I was asked: "How do you know all of this stuff, do you study?" YES, I do..........

I have a very inquisitive mind. My wife often jokes, You're the only person I have ever known who read the dictionary as a child!"

When I was a child I met a woman who was a professor at the University of Rochester. I was probably 12 years old or younger. I had a bit of a crush on her daughter. They were one of probably four white families still living in the neighborhood, most had moved as more black families moved in. (Some of ya'll know how that works, right!) This was early 1970's or so. Anyway, this lady had the entire dictionary memorized. The running joke was on me because I would sit and read words to her from this gigantic dictionary (To me anyway) and she would give to me the meaning, whether it was a noun or a verb, and several other applications for this word. To me, this was unbelievable so I would find the longest word, pronounce it out to her and with out missing a beat she would give to me the answer. She was never wrong, nor did I ever stump her with any word.

It get's better..... They had a medical dictionary too. The words in this dictionary were as long as their driveway! I could not pronounce most of them. This went on for awhile until one day her daughter said to me, Jeff, mom has a photographic memory, she remembers everything that her eyes see. What in God's name is a photographic memory to a child of twelve?

I have been trying to remember the daughters name, it just came back to me, her name was Beth or Elizabeth.
In my youth Elizabeth was the first white girl that I was attracted to. She was a couple of years older. [We were kids.] Nevertheless, for me to like a white girl in our hood was tantamount to treason! This was the first time in my entire life that I was exposed to ridicule for liking a white girl. The kids in the hood were quite mean. I actually got into a fight with a kid named Reggie over Elizabeth. I left home around this time (That story is in my book) I have been gone from Rochester, NY pretty much since I was twelve years old. My mom and the bulk of our generation is still there.

The first time that I personally suffered the indignation of racism was via the black kids in my neighborhood. I knew at an early age that I was never going to be those black kids nor was I going to be the white kids who were just as ridiculous.

Shortly after the race riots of the 60's & early 70's the white schools were forced to add black kids, desegregation. I had no idea back then what was happening. My older (eldest) brother was bused to Charlotte High School. White parents lined the streets chanting, "Hell No, Niggers go home!" This was all over the news. One particular day while walking to his class my brother tells the story of being confronted by a group of white boys. One of the boys expelled a glob of phlegm from his throat onto the floor telling my brother, "Clean it up Nigger!" My brother walked away.

Most of my life, based on my childhood, I swore that I would never be like those people. I would never teach my kids to hate and nobody was going to dictate to me what I had to be, or who I had to be. Now that I an a student of the Kingdom of God, it simply is not in me to live deceived spewing racism. The irony is that racism is in every culture, every denomination, every religion, everywhere! Some of the most profound acts of racism that I have experienced as an adult is within Christianity. Some of the worst racism I have experienced is from the Asian community. Possibly the most ignorant form of racism that I scratch my head over is within the black community.

I once had a white, very wealthy business professional ask me, "Jeff, what is worse a Skinhead or a Harvard graduate who hates black people?" I answered the skinhead, he wants to hurt me! My friend said no, explaining, "The Harvard graduate feels a sense of entitlement and will do almost anything to lock black folks out of the corporate world. Adding, trust me, I know, I see it everyday!"
I have had to deal with this as well.

Well, for me, or my resolve was opening a book and learning how to spell, how to understand the world that I lived in. This became as important to me in the same way pulling myself out of quicksand would be to anyone. I do not have a photographic mind but I have an inquisitive mind. Not being mired in skin color, black power, and racial stupidity has been afforded to me because of those who fought, and those who have died so that I could be free in thought, free to be challenged and free to not be the color of my skin. I just cannot see living my life as though theirs was wasted. So Racism and Deception are spelled the same way for me.......They both destroy identity!

My wife, a white girl grew up without much, had a horrible father, terrible childhood and suffered a variety of abuses. We were too people looking for something better. Had nothing to do with race but everything to do with wanting something better. It ain't been easy for both of us and yes we have had to deal with racism and deception too! We are nearly 30 years down this road.

What this woman in the following video expresses I understand in the same way that I know how to tie my shoes!  She did not change her identity but rather she embraced who she is. 

Somebody NEEDS to hear this Right Now.Somebody NEEDS to hear this Right NowLisa Nichols
Posted by Emeka Mbadiwe on Friday, March 13, 2015

The professor with the photographic mind caused me to read the dictionary. I would read the dictionary and comic books. The Bible was not in my childhood.

Friday, March 27, 2015


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Just as I started to type this the incredible presence of God filled this room. With goose-bumps now cascading all over my body I will write as I worship about the mark of God that is attached to my life. I will write about a changed heart I will write about "Two Sticks"
"Son of Man Take a Stick"
Ezekiel 37:15 The Lord said:

 Ezekiel, son of man, get a stick and write on it, “The kingdom of Judah.” Then get another stick and write on it, “The kingdom of Israel.” Hold these two sticks end to end, so they look like one stick. And when your people ask you what this means,  tell them that I, the Lord, will join together the stick of Israel and the stick of Judah. I will hold them in my hand, and they will become one.
Hold these two sticks where they can be seen by everyone.

The Bible tells us that a man was nailed to "Two Sticks" or to a tree via a cross member. The Bible tells us that this had to occur in order for Israel to be reborn or that the tribes of Israel would be regathered. Jesus states in Matthew 15:24 as a descendant of the tribe of Judah

"But he answered and said to them, “I am not sent except to the sheep that have strayed from the house of Israel.”"

The mark of God was a very real thing:
Ezekiel 9-6 “Walk through the city of Jerusalem and mark the forehead of anyone who is truly upset and sad about the disgusting things that are being done here.”He turned to the other six men and said, “Follow him and put to death everyone who doesn't have a mark on their forehead. Show no mercy or pity! Kill men and women, parents and children. Begin here at my temple and be sure not to harm those who are marked.”
The men immediately killed the leaders who were standing there.

The sign of the Tav means "Sign of the Covenant" the Two Sticks represent the renewing of Covenant of Marriage between God and Israel. Jesus, like the animal in the garden had to die so that we might live. We are grafted into Israel as a result of accepting this covenant. Israel is made whole as a result of this covenant.

Jeremiah 31:31-34

The New or Renewed Agreement with Israel and Judah
The Lord said:
"The time will surely come when I will make a new agreement with the people of Israel and Judah. It will be different from the agreement I made with their ancestors when I led them out of Egypt. Although I was their God, they broke that agreement. Here is the new agreement that I, the Lord, will make with the people of Israel: I will write my law on their hearts and minds I will be their God, and they will be my people.No longer will they have to teach one another to obey me. I, the Lord, promise that all of them will obey me, ordinary people and rulers alike. I will forgive their sins and forget the evil things they have done.”

The death of Jesus was a sign that the rebirth of the nation of Israel was now guaranteed! 
The antisemitic writings in the New Testament (Translations) would have us believe that God made a new covenant as opposed to renewing the covenant(S) with his people of whom we are grafted into. We are no longer strangers as a result of the blood covenant destined to regather Israel......and yes, no man comes before the Creator without accepting the sacrifice...just as was the case in Leviticus concerning why the sacrifices were order in the first place. 
This is what happened in 1948.....The promise is being fulfilled right before all of us. This is what God is doing!
Challenge: As A Christian using the Old Testament only (That's all Apostle Paul had) Explain the rebirth of the nation of Israel using scripture.
As a Jew explain the letters of the New Testament using  only TORAH

Leviticus 4:1-3 Then the Lord spoke to Moses: “Tell the Israelites: When someone sins unintentionally against any of the Lord’s commands and does anything prohibited by them—If the anointed priest sins, bringing guilt on the people, he is to present to the Lord a young, unblemished bull as a sin offering for the sin he has committed.

Luke 23:34 But Yeshua was saying, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And they divided his garments, and they cast lots for them.

The Church did not exist in the manner we know it today when this statement was made. He was dying for Judah and Israel so that the light of the world would once again direct people to God......

Here is what men are doing:

Revelation 12:9 So the great dragon was thrown out--the ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the one who deceives the whole world. He was thrown to earth, and his angels with him.
"He deceives the whole world" includes the Hebrew people and the Non Hebrew people!

Many Jews hate the Cross because it represents the death of millions of their people. Many Christians via Catholicism (or early church doctrine) do not have the understanding of the letter Tav or that the signature of God is represented to the nations through Israel and this sign. Hence the reason many Jews were killed

Meanwhile mankind is moving to harm both faiths........Thousands upon thousands of people all over the world are being killed. The enemy of God is using deception to murder PEOPLE!

So I suggest that we begin to truly understand the following and represent the Signature of God in it's proper context.....
God said they would divide his land and attack His people.

Do You Believe the Lie of Drug Abuse?

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On The Jeff Morton Report:
David Robinson
For forty years David Robinson's god was drugs and drug abuse. For forty years this man burnt bridges, lied, deceived, introduced gut, rot chemicals into his body, crippled family relationships, and ran from God. God was right behind him throughout this journey keeping him, protecting him, loving him! David will share his story, he will give to us a "Report" about what happened the day God said, "Enough is Enough!" David Robinson has a vision for those wanting to be delivered from hell!

We will have a special two hour broadcast 
featuring segments by this weekend TorahCents or Samone Thomas Blakey "Talking to the Ladies?"

Nathan Grapes will finish up his series on the wedding at Sinai
Our disaster preparedness segment featuring Elizabeth Smatlak. She has a heartfelt message to share, so stay tune for: 

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Jesus a False Prophet...Nope, Nada, "Have you done lost your mind?"

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About John Hagee's "FOUR BLOOD MOON" Movie?

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Before you read this please consider: Are you watching all that God is doing or are you pointing fingers at what the Jews failed to do or the Christians failed to do? Arabs are being massacred all over the the Biblical lands. Are you seated in the church or synagogue bathed in racism, antisemitism or hatred? The Blood of PEOPLE is being spilled all over the earth during these blood moons with increasing regularity. The blood of people is crying out of the earth! Children are being raped, tortured, starved, slaughtered........

Went to see the movie last night. Before I go into what I thought. On August 27th, 2012 (click) Pastor John Hagee came to our congregation, El Shaddai Ministries (click)  located in Tacoma, Washington. Our congregation set up a small room behind the stage whereby a limited number of people could meet with our guests to include John Hagee and his wife. (Finger foods and beverages were catered for the guests.) Many from the Jewish community were in attendance as well. I was allowed to enter this area. Heavy security was present for several guests. This was Christians United For Israel's or (CUFI)  "Night to Honor Israel" big event! Our congregation was standing room only. To date, I have not seen as many people in the sanctuary. While in this "VIP room if you will, I asked Pastor John Hagee the following: Pastor Hagee, what Pastor Mark Biltz teaches blows your mind huh? He replied, "I thought God sent me here to teach but I am realizing that he sent me here to learn!" Our conversation was brief  as his wife, Diana (Whom I got to meet for the first time that night) soon joined the room whisking him away to chat with others. I appreciated the encounter having always appreciated Pastor John Hagee.

That said:

I thought his presentation of what Mark Biltz discovered in 2008 was good!
[I will not entertain the controversy that follows both men.]

I appreciated the information that offers dialog concerning what (in my opinion) God wants the world to discuss. Afterwards (after the credits) a panel discussion occurs. I highly recommend waiting for the movie credits to end.
It is almost an imperative for me to not placate dissent within the "Body of Believers." A horrible judgement is cast across the earth with death by murder, decapitation, burned alive, stoning, hangings and events too perverted to share are happening. The Christian, the Jew, the Arab, virtually all people groups are suffering. The significance of the blood moons, ISIS, the decadence enveloping America, the current political landscape in many nations around the globe offers to me our need to pay attention to our GOD. We agreed to enter into covenant relationship established by blood.

The Blood Moons are evidence that what God is doing as the first Scientist, the first in every aspect, of every detail within Creation is what, we as a body, need to cling to. Just as in the days passed, God is doing what we are all witnessing through...Israel, once again!

The Shemitah cycle, the Festivals of the LORD draped with Blood Moons, the solar eclipses, and the information pouring out of the scriptures as a direct result of  the rebirth of the nation of Israel are astounding. Millions of people are returning to what Israel was taught via the hand of God, this is not coincidence.

I think the movie, less the controversy, does a good job warning the House of God to "Stand Firm" and to support what God is doing now that he is making clear, very clear in our generation that the battle for Jerusalem is near. ISIS, Al Qeada, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and virtually every nation on earth is viciously asserting themselves against Israel...America, under Barack Obama is leading this insanity!

The movie does a good job warning America! I recommend believers to see the movie and to also see the movie that preceded John Hagee's follow up to what he learned at El Shaddai Ministries from my pastor, Pastor Mark Biltz
Purchase the movie and accompanying book 
Zechariah 14:2 For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city will be taken, the houses rifled, and the women ravished. Half of the city will go out into captivity, and the rest of the people will not be cut off from the city.

Pastor Mark Biltz's original teaching [in 2008] of the Four Blood Moons. If you do not watch the entire presentation you will not comprehend context!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Forty Years of Slammin Dope, Smokin Coke, & Living Broken

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On the Jeff Morton Report meet David Robinson.
David and Susana Robinson

We will have a special two hour long program as we hear the riveting testimony of a man who was forty years addicted to drugs. It amazes me how the Father rescues, he rescued me!
David Robinson will share his vision as a man living free. Hope you will join us on the Jeff Morton Report, March 29th, 2015 @ 4:00 PM Pacific

"Homeschoolingtorah.com" and archived explanation with, Kraig Elliot

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March 22, 2015
On the Jeff Morton Report

Thank You Kraig & Anne Elliot!

The problem with "Hebrew Roots Movement"

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We believe that if God wanted to he could snap his finger causing all of men or mankind to know instantaneously what ever he wanted us to know. Why not, he calls down fire from heaven from himself:

Genesis 19:24 Then Yahweh rained on Sodom and on Gomorrah sulfur and fire from Yahweh out of the sky.

For us to think that God cannot be in the earth talking with Gideon, or Moses or, Abraham, while at the same time in Heaven or on Pluto or anywhere at anytime is absurd. Yet we think what we think therefore it must be true. Some think he cannot be born of a virgin or walk the earth as a man. There are people in this earth who think God cannot do a few things because, well because that is what someone told to someone and both decided to believe it. Here is the irony, God created Pluto, the Heavens, virgins and the ability for us to think about anything!

The problem with the Hebrew Roots movement is that someone told someone else that Hebrew Roots is false. Both of those two believed it and "Shaazam, Presto, Manifico", a new religion was born. Satan did something similar. From that moment onward God was not a part of the whole thing.

The problem is actually very simple to comprehend. God is not involved! This is what happens to men on a regular basis. We conclude that God is not involved.

King David had the brains to become a rather extraordinary, amazing King of Israel. However, God did not involve him in the making of automobiles. Likewise, Adam named the animals while Vice President Gore created the Internet. You simply have a choice to believe one and not the other or both! Some believe Gore created the internet and is warning of a global barbecue. God of course is not responsible for what Gore thinks. Nevertheless, God is responsible for the life of Gore, Gore made his choice on what he wants to believe.

The problem with how we think is not a problem for what God does. He could turn off the air or move the earth a few billion miles closer to Canis Majoris. Instead, He chose to do another Hebrew Movement! He also chose to do it after planting into the thoughts of mankind the Internet...Sorry Al Gore, you only invent deception.

So here we are returning to the root of what God started through Jacob. All over the world the "Hebrew Roots Movement is EXPLODING! While the choice to kill is also exploding like a plague rolling across the globe. King David did not have the technology of today However, what King David did know was the same sort of plagues that Israel faced. So too, did Joshua as he faced the same lunacy that Israel faces today.

Let me make a suggestion.....Let us not focus on the problem but rather the movement. The movement is returning many of us back to Israel. Not what the Jews did or failed to do but rather, what God has always been doing through the seed of Abraham.....

The remarkable thing if you ask me is, the plague like dread, causing death all over the world is also moving towards what God is doing in Israel. Christianity is born out of a tree rooted in Israel based on the letters of several Hebrews...Time to make a choice, Vice President Al Gore or the God of Abraham? Skin Color, or Kingdom Creation? Religion or God's Law? Foolishness or Holiness? Your denomination or the God of Creation.You and I have been granted the same gift that Adam had, choice, choose life or choose death? Adam was neither Christian, Hebrew, Buddhist, or Islamic. He chose to believe something other than what God commanded when he accepted something mixed into the truth. A ka-billion religions later all do the same thing, mix up truth and throw God's laws away!

I chose to return or to teshuva...back to what God is doing! You can call it what ever you wish! And yes, I believe he came into the earth through a virgin, was nailed to a tree in order that Israel be restored and mankind be saved. When he overcame death life is restored......
Thank you Abba, Father for the Hebrew movement that you began with Abraham! Way back then just as today, you continue to remove your people out of Egypt!

Friday, March 20, 2015

While They Try To kill Israel, Let Us Take Care Of The Widows, The Poor, And The Fatherless.

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I read blogs from around the world. I monitor the headlines from most of the global media with the exception of much of American television, FOX News being the only exception. I stopped watching liberal media news coverage shortly before Dan Rather was removed from CBS. Likewise, I stopped going to Sunday churches in 2007 preferring instead to do my own research into biblical matters based on a rather riveting experience that I had in a Sunday church...go figure?

Through all of it and because of what is pouring out of the scriptures today, I am somewhat removed from what the world is doing or better yet, men! What use to be very hard to try to explain has become inexplicably clear to me. Mankind is recalcitrant in his/our ways from the garden until now. Worse than the garden is what the years in between then and now have fostered concerning, "Lawlessness!"

The Bible records the following:
Deuteronomy 32:8 When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the children of men, he set the bounds of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel.

Within the book of Acts, Luke records in chapter 17:26 From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.
It would appear that what God is doing via Israel is central to why he is doing any of this in the first place. What I have learned over these last 8 years is to see Israel as a vehicle purposed to cause revelation or the means to an end by which God has always planned to occur. This is why the nations exist and so too, Israel! Antisemitism, racism and hatred for the things of God all operate with a statue mentality, a Goliath mindset, and in deed, a United Nations psychosis!

Isaiah 46:10 (Isaiah from the House of Israel) declares: who announces the end from the beginning and reveals beforehand what has not yet occurred, who says, 'My plan will be realized, I will accomplish what I desire.

John the Baptist, Jesus, all of the disciples & Paul are also of the House of Israel. The church concepts of Emperor Constantine did not stop 1948 from happening right? Neither did the Caesars or even the Hebrew people themselves!

In 1948 Israel is "Born Again" something no other nation in world history can attest to. Mankind has experienced the imprint of God every second, of every hour, of every day, of every year, of every century since God first breathed into dirt. Still the nations who are given their borders based on the children of Israel cannot see that Israel is not the problem. The problem is our determination to ignore God!

I don't see Israel as the land of the Jewish people but rather the Land of God. Every nation on earth is gearing up to attack God's land while he holds the earth in his hands. This is how insane our trek from the garden has become. 

Zechariah 12:3 On that day I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock. All the nations will gather against it to try to move it, but they will only hurt themselves.

Everyday I am watching the nations ramp up an ill conceived plan to kill Israel, to kill the plan of God. This to me is living with insanity! I asked God, this is crazy my LORD, what are we supposed to do? His answer was, "Take care of the Widows, the Poor, and the Fatherless, love your Neighbor!

Furthermore, a great big slice of humanity refuses to hear the voice of the one who holds the earth in the palm of his hands. They would rather climb into a statue that loves war, racism, religion, many gods and killing their neighbor...

Matthew 7:21 Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.
Matthew 7:23 Then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you. Go away from me, you lawbreakers!'


Do You Home School?

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March 22nd, 2015 on the Jeff Morton Report I will be talking with Kraig Elliot about HOME-SCHOOLING...

We will also be talking about:

How a Baptist Pastor's life changed as a result of his wife studying the Bible due to questions that she could not resolve. He and his wife Anna (who will not be joining us after all) have a very interesting story to share. responding to the call of God upon their lives now they are offering curriculum around the globe based on reconnecting the Gospel message to Torah. Hope you will join us.


Monday, March 16, 2015

The elections in Israel, raise a prayer, be heard before our God!

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Please, TODAY will you thoughtfully keep before our King prayers raised up for Israel due to the elections occurring tomorrow!

Watching Israel is like Watching God

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From Genesis 12:5 until today I see God making his purposes known to mankind with a very explicit, premeditated, laser focused, imperative. Namely, his formation of Israel.
Dr. Russ Houck presented to me Isaiah 60 following Ezekiel 20. What happened to me when re-reading these two chapters of scripture is this, I was able to see God and what he is doing above the prejudices that chase Israel through the centuries. I was able to place the ups and downs, historical successes and failures of the children of Jacob squarely in the hands of HaShem. I don't chase after the wisdom of Rabbinic Judaism or unravel the lies that are raised up within Catholicism/Christianity. Simply put, I see God when I see Israel. Everything that is being done or that has been done is based on the good pleasure of ONE GOD.

Genesis 12:5 Abram took Sarai his wife, Lot his brother's son, all their substance that they had gathered, and the souls whom they had gotten in Haran, and they went forth to go into the land of Canaan. Into the land of Canaan they came.

I could careless about who is of the tribes of Israel or who is Judah and who is scattered. What I see is the living history of the living God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, the Judges, the Prophets, the Disciples, the Writings all of which are connected to Israel. For me, the rebirth of the nation of Israel is on par with the flood of Noah, the life of Moses, and the birth of Jesus or Yeshua. Again, all of this as a direct result of God's hand working through Israel so that the nations might be redeemed. Redeemed to what? Clearly the plan is to bring forth the Kingdom of God into this earth. God has not changed the plan

Currently I am watching God lead the nations with a hook just as Ezekiel shared centuries ago.
I am watching the entire world fractured over Israel while at the same time the hellish relationship, between Ishmael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob continue to tear away life from their descendants the world over. 
Ezekiel 38:4-6 and I will turn you around, and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you forth, with all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed in full armor, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them handling swords; Persia, Cush, and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet; Gomer, and all his hordes; the house of Togarmah in the uttermost parts of the north, and all his hordes; even many peoples with you.

What President Obama is pursuing against Israel is like a king moving against the House of God to me. I have never been to Israel but as a child born in America, having now come to understand the patterned manner by which YAHWEH reveals himself, I see the nations being set up by God to do the unthinkable, March against God himself! For me, watching the world prepare to move against Israel is like watching, on a grander scale, all of the nations, that have coalesced against the House of God, throughout the centuries unknowingly preparing for catastrophic loss! 

To be Black, White, Asian, Jew or non Jew means absolutely nothing to me when ignoring the covenants between God and Israel, The church as we have all come to know it has never been a beacon of light with regard to these covenants. The church has focused on the Gospels less the culture, biblical identity and historical genesis of the people God presented this information to? What I do know is that the more I understand, the more questions I have and the more I realize just how little I actually know about the hour we live in. I know that there are people born of the dust who chase after the things of God, I am one of them.

I have no idea what is coming but I can say with a modicum of certainty. What mankind is about to do will result in the death of millions of people. This is what we have done to the gift of life. I pray that those chasing after the God of Israel recognize who we are and who we are not! May God continue granting mercy on the failure of men to recognize what HE continues to accomplish.....
For as many biblical prophecies occurring and they are many (Most of you will agree with that) the epicenter to all of them is Israel. 

I see God when I see Israel. I am not focused on what the Jewish people are doing but rather on what the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is doing. The election tomorrow in Israel is a curious thing for me because, I am watching what God is doing.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

From the heart of Jeff Morton

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I quit fighting about doctrine last year although I have some rather strong convictions about lies that we have inherited Jeremiah 16:19. I believe that being part of the kingdom of God supersedes being part of a religion. It took me a while to get here but this is core to how I see THY KINGDOM COMING.
Jeremiah 16:16
יט  יְהוָה עֻזִּי וּמָעֻזִּי, וּמְנוּסִי--בְּיוֹם צָרָה; אֵלֶיךָ, גּוֹיִם יָבֹאוּ מֵאַפְסֵי-אָרֶץ, וְיֹאמְרוּ אַךְ-שֶׁקֶר נָחֲלוּ אֲבוֹתֵינוּ, הֶבֶל וְאֵין-בָּם מוֹעִיל.19 O LORD, my strength, and my stronghold, and my refuge, in the day of affliction, unto Thee shall the nations come from the ends of the earth, and shall say: 'Our fathers have inherited nought but lies, vanity and things wherein there is no profit.'
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sucking On A Crack Pipe? (The cost is gigantic!)

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One day I found myself addicted to crack cocaine. I was a business owner (Restaurants) wondering how in the hell did I do this to me? I was so far away from God at the time. I can recall the hell of chasing that drug in the same manner as I now chase after YHVH. One great big difference is that the drug did not provide anything beyond destruction. Learning about God, the Torah, Ancient Covenants, the Gospel has been Trans-formative. My life has not only changed but, how I see the world is completely, totally different. How I see my Christian faith is almost completely opposite than all of the years that I spent in the Sunday church.

I was watching the TBN Program with Perry Stone, Mark Biltz, Bill Salus and Jonathan Cahn I understood what they were sharing in the same way I understand tying my shoes! Watching Perry Stone have several "AH-HA" moments was  encouraging. (I have always thought Perry just ain't getting this?)

So, I was thinking about all of the, "Thinking" that was going on in my world that led to a crack cocaine addiction. My belief system was based on just getting through the day, keeping a business going, raising a family. The fundamental truth about family, success and life in general was about doing life. I had no concept of being a part of the Kingdom of God, why he created family and what the end game was beyond growing old and hoping for the best.

Most of the world lives in this place, just trying to do life...I now understand that reality to be insane, wrought with chaos....God is not a God of Chaos!

I no longer see that as life but rather the Kingdom of God as life, eternal life! I see what God is doing, completing, preparing! It is breath taking! Nevertheless, my family, people around me the world over cannot see any of this.....................
Most are just trying to do life as it has been presented to us by the hand of men. Albeit, most are not crack heads or fallen for the, "Okie-Doke" like I did. However, and  due to being fallen from God most cannot see the hand of God preparing  an eternal, forever, timeless existence....
This is what I see, this is where I live today.

The things that men have raised up with out this truth is going to end, that life has to end. This is what Perry Stone, Mark Biltz, Bill Salus, and Jonathan Cahn are saying. I understand......but my kids do not.
Oh how I wish I had known these things when everyone of them were born!
The cost, my kids are just trying to do life the one that men created and I cannot show them what the difference is. My children were very young during my addiction days but, they were not stupid.

Thank You ABBA Father for delivering me from the addiction and then blowing my mind with what you are doing. I will share who you are until you place me into the dust of the earth.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Perry Stone, Mark Biltz, Jonathan Cahn, Bill Salus March 9th, 2015 TBN

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Put Your Point Back Into Your Pocket (and help someone)

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Emperor Constantine Hated the Hebrews.
So did most of the church Fathers of his day

I am very pleased with the first two broadcasts of the Jeff Morton Report. I am doing more of what I wanted to do as opposed to Blog Talk Radio and Seattle Communications, Freedom 1590 via http://wawradio.net. I am grateful to Scott Bell who broadcasts our show on his 365 Live internet station. Scott also edits the program and rebroadcasts my show twice on Wednesdays in the AM and PM (I am not sure what time)

Okay so here is what is happening with me........
I believe that Emperor Constantine tossed out all Hebraic influence of the Scriptures. As a result we are disconnected from a gigantic measure of what the Bible is communicating. I believe that God is returning fallen men back to his ways and I believe that Israel is an imperative set apart for reasons beyond much of human intellect in today's reality, much has waxed cold. (I believe that deception and blindness are in play )

God's hand is continuing to do what he promised to Abraham. I don't believe that what we have done or failed to do has altered what God is doing at all. I believe that Rabbinic Judaism rejected the renewing of the covenant, Messianic Judaism did not...and so it goes. Neither has stopped God from regathering his people.

He said "LOVE thy neighbor," He said, "Take care of the Widow," He said, "Feed the POOR," He said, "Take care of the FATHERLESS."

Well, I am done arguing about theology. I am studying ancient Near East Covenant Treaty Law, promoting those doing the above and trying to finish a book. I am doing so with a core belief that religion is the serpents manner of controlling, deceiving and killing people. I believe that the Laws of a just and righteous God offer life, liberty and safety. This is core to my walk with Abba, Father!
Furthermore, I see racism, bigotry and antisemitism as another form of deception woven into religious and societal interpretations ignoring the statutes, commandments and laws of God. People to me are the miracle not the malignancy! We just seem to be so far away from the purposes of God, hence the need to return...When has mankind not been in tribulation or chaos after Adam?

Do I believe a man died on a tree in order to renew the covenant(s) with Israel, yup! Do I believe he took away the sin of the world...Lawlessness is sin and therefore....Nope! I do believe however that he made a way for all people to return to what is being done from the moment God spoke!

I am not looking for a crowd to follow or a people group to accept me. Rather, I am trying to "Prepare Ye the way of the LORD" by loving, helping and standing up for people. I stand with Israel because of what God is doing through HIS NATION for the other nations that he raised up in this earth.....I am watching God while at the same time putting my finger back into my pocket or raising up both hands to worship the Lion of the Tribe of Yehuda........My pointing days are over!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Watching A Man Burned Alive Changed Everything

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While watching the video SEVERAL TIMES of the Jordanian military officer burned alive arguing about God, the Jews, the Christians, and even the Muslims became ridiculous. I could do absolutely nothing to help rescue this man. Instead I begun to re-evaluate why I was doing any of what I do.......

With declarations such as, "Jesus died for my sins, Jesus is not God, The Jews killed Jesus, Allah is the one true God, the Christian Bible, the Hebrew Bible" oh my gosh! the man set ablaze, children buried alive, headless women strewn all about the lands of the Middle East are reason enough for me to stop trying to prove anything!

Having reasoned out for 8 years now this amazing thing God poured into me I have come to the conclusion that I am to represent life! Watching this person die so horribly solidified in me a correction that God has been forcing me to see....He loves us, this is what life is, and this is what he showed to me....I don't have to prove anything beyond that.

All of us throughout every generation have witnessed the killing of one another. History records some of the most hellish ways that we have fostered when killing one another. Like my friend, Dan Cathcart says, "We think ourselves (In today's reality) disconnected from the past when in fact we simply repeat it!" many have existed with the mind of Bill Gates or Henry Ford with one difference, those people invented ways to kill others!

Murder, mayhem, and the thirst for humanity to kill our neighbor is as common as is writing about it. Pick a millennium, it matters not which one. Human suffering inflicted upon people by people is historical in every year past.......

Currently we  are watching the Jews of Israel surrounded by nations united for one cause, to divide the land of the Bible...again! Many of these nations will kill every Jew if need be in order that this be accomplished. The most powerful nations are discussing how to divide the land. Christians living in these lands are being annihilated just as are hundreds of thousands of Arabs.........People are dying due to butchery faster than disease can kill.

The very fact that Israel is born again is lost in the conversation, and their are many conversations. Some say these people are not true Jews or the full house of Israel is scattered or that the Jews were actually black or African. Others say that the Jews are Europeans and not part of the children of Jacob. Meanwhile, an enemy like Amalek is moving towards this nation as a roaring lion seeking to Rob, Kill and Destroy, Hmmmm, where have I heard this before?

Watching Muath Al-Kasaesbeh burned alive tore at my chest, my soul, my spirit. Having spent years reading, researching, accumulating a plethora of knowledge about how we kill one another throughout the generations I saw, in living color what billions of people, historically have seen.
From South Africa's horrible past against blacks to the Holocaust, the slave trade and the genocide in Cambodia, Russia, Armenia of recent memory. We kill, we hurt and we find reasons to hate our neighbor.

I remember reading about how the Japanese soldiers would toss Filipino & Chinese babies from roof tops hoping to catch them for sport on the blade of their bayonets. I recall reading about how Antiocus IV would have Hebrew children, infants found to be circumcised  speared through the rectum and out of the mouth tying rope around the tips in order that the child be hung about the mother's neck for one year. The Khmer Rouge of Cambodia killed lawyers, doctors virtually anyone who was educated by the millions. Some of the photographs of this carnage made my skin crawl.

I have said all of this to say, as a believer of God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I am watching what he is doing. I am not certain what truth is beyond our interpretation but I am watching the signs of what God said he would do to redeem all of us. In fact, I am witnessing the most amazing things happen that men cannot do.......

Watching Muath Al-Kassaesbeh destroyed was enough for me to ask the question, "Who am I helping in the face of this man's horrific death?" How am I representing what I see God doing?
He said, feed the hungry, take care of the widow provide for the orphans, love your neighbor as yourself. With the Amalek's of the world moving like a plague across the societies of men God has asked us to be a light........
I want to help people and to promote those people who are helping others, I am done fighting with my brothers and my sisters about the truth.........
The picture above and many, many more like them is also truth. I pray we stand against this truth as a body not broken!