Monday, February 23, 2015

Worship and Word Radio is on the move!

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The passion of Scott Bell to continue presenting our GREAT God through song, programming and hard work is without question. What he is doing now for several years is listener supported. Through the "tuff" times, trials, and successes as well as his reconnecting his Christian beliefs back to Israel and to the root of what God has always done has added a dynamic as to why...serve God!

I am happy, very happy to be a part of what he is doing, what his family is supporting. I am proud to call this man my brother. Hope you check out, Make his morning praise and worship program part of your day. From 6:00 AM (pacific) until he has to go off to his day job, he worships YAHWEH and so do I.

He is always thankful of contributions to keep everything going...Consider supporting Worship and Word Radio. the following is taken right from the website of

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    WAW Radio is NOT a licensed 501c3 ministry. Therefore we cannot give you a tax receipt. For information on BUSINESS SPONSORSHIPS please email us.

Check out my new show which will broadcast Sunday @4:00 PM pacific time on..Worship and Word Radio...Thank you!