Saturday, February 7, 2015

The End From The Beginning, Iraq, Iran, ISIS, Israel

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   In light of the recent news events pertaining to the king of Jordan possibly flying into battle alongside his military against Isis in retaliation of the torture of on of Jordan’s pilots last week, I wanted to share this short teaching on the Military Campaign Itinerary Text I did last year.

The Military Campaign Itinerary Text can be found all through out Scripture and is also well discovered and documented in the Ancient near East. These texts serve as “LEGAL DOCUMENTATION”  and as records of conquests by a nation  to declare what nations and lands they conquer and now belong to them.

In this audio teaching, we will discover how and where these legal military texts are in Scripture and also discuss how this topic is connected to today’s news with the rise of the islamic state as well as the invasion into Gaza by Israel.


The above map is a current rendition of the territories now occupied by ISIS and them removing, boundaries or borders of the towns, cities and areas they conquer.

We also will be making the connections to the chapters in Scripture having a direct relationship to establishing Israel’s borders and it all being tied to the Land Grant.

Below is a short video that goes along with the article showing that ISIS is doing the exact same documentation as ancient kings and armies to justify to the world that they have conquered the lands they say they have in order to be recognized as the authority over those areas.


For the recent Article of the King of Jordan Please Click HERE.

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