Saturday, February 21, 2015

Someone Precious Needs Our Prayers

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Gloria Murray Scott
I was told several weeks ago of a friend who is diagnosed with a cancer due to smoking. Gloria has never smoke a day in her life nor has she been around those who have. Gloria is Panamanian, a former teacher who has served others most of her life. I spoke with her by phone yesterday. Speaking with her was like speaking with the world to come, a precious spirit, daughter of the KING sharing life! Gloria is a celebration of all women, a mother, grandmother, a "Crown Jewel!"
As I listened to her laugh, and share about strength (with her very Panamanian accent) I knew her journey to be eternal. I have no doubt about her very purposed position which is for the generations to come. Hundreds of thousands of them all lay before her.

In the meantime Gloria is fighting a battle. She is at stage four and could use a few "kazillion" prayers raised up on her behalf. If you are fortunate enough to be a voice before our KING would you please take a moment and raise up a petition to YAHWEH asking for his divine hand to guide the days ahead in such a way that my friend, Gloria, is noticeably carried in His Majesty's hands!

I bow before you now my GOD asking, Make this burden light for your daughter and the family that you raised up through her. And Father, if it be your will please heal our sister!

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