Monday, February 9, 2015

One Woman (doing the Possible) Meet Rebekah Garvin

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I received the following and so, I am sharing it with all of you. I know how hard this is to do but....Look at what ONE woman is attempting! If nothing else...PRAY for her and what she is doing!


We are Hebrew Roots believers who would like to connect the youth in this movement. A lady named Rebekah Garvin has had a dream to provide a place for Hebrew Roots/Messianics to connect in a healthy way. Her vision is to provide a "school of the prophets" for Hebrew Roots believers. Teshuvah College is not only a place for youth, as we will need teachers and staff to help build this dream also. 
Rebekah has been sent on a mission by YHVH to find the youth and like minded believers in this movement. She has been in the Hebrew Roots movement for over a decade. She has formed groups, hosted wonderful feast celebrations, and shared her passion and heart with many people to connect with them in spirit and truth. She wants to serve the King with all of her heart and provide a way for her children to walk this adventure with other like minded people. I know many of us are tired of being alone, tired of fighting, and just want a peaceful way of celebrating YHVH's Torah with others. We are hoping Teshuvah College can offer this to the movement. We can come together to build something for the King and help the next generation in the process. 

Rebekah has sold everything that has value to purchase an RV and go on this mission. She is doing presentations in homes, at congregations, in coffee shops, or wherever people will gather, so that she can find others who might share her vision and join her in this mission to connect the youth and eventually build a college of Hebraic thought. She has taken her family on the road for the "Finding Our Youth Spring Tour." She started her tour in Caldwell, Idaho and last night she did a presentation in Baker City, Oregon. 

I have attached a Tour Packet with more information about the vision of Teshuvah College and the presentation. If you would like to schedule a presentation in your area please contact me as soon as possible. Rebekah will only be in the Washington/Oregon area for about 3 weeks as she is planning on traveling the country until June.


Amber Dobkins
Rebekah's Assistant

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