Monday, February 2, 2015

My Support For Israel is based on the Laws of God

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I have thought hard and long about how to write a definitive post concerning why I support Israel.
I do not see the Bible from a religious perspective. I have to say this at the onset because, I do not languish in the right or wrong of Judaism nor do I stand in defense of Christianity. I see both in the same way I see Islam or any other religious system. I am a child of the King not a person enslaved by race or religion.

I see the Bible as a book of Jurisprudence or study of Law presented to the world via the birth, life, death and resurrection of Israel which Messiah Yeshua emulates via his birth life, death, and resurrection. I do not see Jesus from a Christian lens nor do I see Judaism as a religious system raised up by God. The rebirth of the nation of Israel is as big a thing to me as would have been the flood of Noah had I been fortunate enough to survive. I see both as proof of a Just and righteous God. Furthermore, I see Yeshua as God in the earth as a man....period! What he is doing is in accordance with HIS legal precedent for how he governs what he does....None of these concepts are man-made!

I read hundreds of commentaries about how the Jews are just trying to live in peace. I understand the history of Israel, the failures and successes as best I can based on what is written. I see Christianity struggling to be grafted into the common wealth of Israel for 1800 years due to religious doctrines. Many of these doctrines replace Israel preferring to insert church theology while at the same time reducing the Laws of God to that of principals worthy of doing. God stipulated how things were to be done to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Arron, Joshua...for the purpose of creating his Kingdom in this earth.

When studying the legal concepts that their societies would have understood, I now see that the Bible follows much of those precepts. To say it differently, many of those cultures emulated KINGDOM Law.....Our modern legal systems are also based on Biblical Law. We create laws based on the concept of!

The Jewish people are treated horribly in the earth just as are the commandments of God.....The world systems would love to get rid of God in the same way the world systems hates anything Jewish. I see this as clear as I see the moon, the stars and everything else declaring the sovereignty of God.

The epic battle is only an epic battle between men and men...God is not regulated by what we are doing but rather obligated by what he has established. This is why nothing in all of Creation will stop what he is doing so...I watch what he is doing according to His Statutes, Commandments and Laws. In order to comprehend any one of them one has to understand....Israel.

The Bible is written by these people, for these people and to these people. Why this is so is because God said they will be a light to the nations...God said it and so it is going to be exactly that.

I see the Kingdom of God being prepared.......Nothing in existence will stop mankind from watching the birth of the kingdom of YHVH into this earth....

This is what I see happening. Everything else is an interpretation based on men who have rejected God's Laws.

The Lion of the Tribe of Yehuda is coming:

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