Monday, February 2, 2015

Meet Dumisani Washington (Truth cannot change)

The Jeff Morton Report (

Dumisani Washington

I totally, completely understand this interview. The two difference in HOW I understand all of this is very simple. I see a Kingdom event happening as opposed to a religious event happening. I also do not see a Kingdom of Colored people but a Kingdom of Beautiful People...God did not make color ugly. I personally believe God is setting up His Kingdom in the earth Mankind rejected his plan choosing instead to follow religious systems or interpretations of "God's ways"..All religious systems have killed their neighbor. I encourage a Kingdom mind as opposed to a religious mind...that's it, that's all! If you read my blog long enough you will come to understand why I believe this.

Un-Coloring Race my way of saying return to the miracle that we are

Thank you for doing what you are called to do

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