Friday, February 27, 2015

March 1st "The Jeff Morton Report" 4:00 to 5:30 Pacific (PM)

The Jeff Morton Report (

About My New Show...I said (several months back to God) 
"Everyone is fighting about you. Most of the Christians don't see that the book is opened, many of the Hebrew /Messianic folks are like gestapo soldiers, and of the Jews who do keep TORAH well, most of them know everything and everyone else is wrong as far as they understand....on line anyway" ....
The response of our GOD...OUR GOD!
"Do the work of the Kingdom, feed the homeless, take care of the widows, help the poor, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, make the world a better place for someone else" 
This is how my new show came about....
A few very close friends also said to me Jeff, you're all over the map, focus!
So, if you, your ministry, congregation, children/family, synagogue or relatives are doing the above...
Give to the believing community a report here on the JEFF MORTON REPORT! Spread the word, spread love, and celebrate this gift, LIFE, YOU ARE THE MIRACLE! Therefore, in the face of those who hate, who are racists, antisemitic and who just do not get...THY KINGDOM COME and for the sake of our MESSIAH stop fighting....(I did)

We go live Sunday, March 1st
I am very happy to announce that

and a few others have agreed to participate on my new Show. Each will prepare several three minute segments that will be aired during the show. If you have a show idea or would like to produce a segment for the me, let's talk

Remember you make a 30 second MP3 announcement or advertisement or whatever that we will play on our broadcast if approved The cost is a one time fee of 25.00. Once you submit it to the show it becomes our property.... just click the Paypal tab on this blog or to begin that process..Send an email with the attached file to

Sponsors needed If we are doing a good job please financially support our effort
we also are actively seeking guests for the broadcast.

And as always, keep us in your prayers!

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