Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kingdom Law Evicerates Religious Interpretation

The Jeff Morton Report (

Matthew Moshe Nolan

Addendum: In researching Mr Mathew Moshe Nolan and his "Two House" Torah based teaching of the scriptures I am attracted to much of what he shares. I am not a "Two House" proponent based on some of the rhetoric that is taught....Such as the Church is the lost 10 tribes and so much other  such teachings. I am totally unfamiliar with Mr. Nolan. However,  I sure did appreciate his coming away from Rabbinic  Traditions and sticking to Biblical Kingdom Precedent...I am going to listen to as much of his teachings, appreciating (So Far) his standing for the Kingdom of Yeshua (Messiah) here in this place. We don't need another religion and I sure do welcome Kingdom protocol being re-visited

This has been the most exciting thing that I have listened to in 2015 so far.I know absolutely nothing about this fellow...What do you think? [And, no I don't agree with everything said]

THY KINGDOM COME is what we are witnessing and also what we are to be representing!
Abba, Father is bringing forth a Kingdom, His Kingdom...Not a religious system
I so get this..OUTSTANDING (if you want to know my take on this presentation)

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