Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban are all following Covenant Law?

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Another Paradigm  Shift......
 In removing a religious understanding of the Bible I am seeing a Kingdom understanding or the order that replaces chaos come into view like a tsunami. It is frustrating to not be able to get a hold of more books and information that helps me to sort through what God is showing to me....Arghhhh!
(Abba, Father grant me the resources...Please my Lord)

I am beginning to see that ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban are all following ancient Near East Covenant Law...Or serving hell according to the laws of chaos....So much to explain in this one statement. They are not trying to return the Islamic state back to 5th century rule..They are following Near Eastern Ancient Treaty Law! The Caliphate is a perversion of the Kingdom of Israel as specified via...TORAH or God's Instructions to Abraham.

I am going to keep digging. I am even thinking about putting together a class so that a group of us can learn this information together.

All of the Kingdoms of the earth are breaking covenant with God because all of the Kingdoms of the earth are lawless according to the Kingdom of God....Nevertheless, God is restoring authority via the Good News and Torah based on treaty law which has been hi jacked to serve men as opposed to men serving God......I will keep digging!

What I am watching is a consolidation of Vassal Kingdoms whose sole purpose is to destroy Israel. This is becoming as clear to me as is a turned on light bulb. We are not able to see this because we don't understand Kingdom Law.........but all of hell does!
I'm home from Arkansas late last night. I have to scurry to work...More on this later

Thanks to Rico Cortes, Ryan White, Daniel McGirr, George Mendenhal, Meredith Kline, Professor Christine Hayes, Henry Clay Trumbull and several other resources....this too is blowing my mind!

I am hoping to get my hands on the complete works of Henry Clay Trumbull.

My people parish for a lack of Knowledge....God said it and therefore it is true!

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