Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Is The Church Playing Golf Too?

The Jeff Morton Report (jeffmortonreport@yahoo.com)

If every Christian stood up and said to the whole world, "We are not going to be slaughtered while the whole world does nothing!"

Well, this would make the whole of them/us more Jewish and perhaps return many back to the roots of  Christianity...
Hence, Israel...........

Maybe too, the church would ask for forgiveness and perhaps return to being grafted in to the common wealth of Israel.

This would shut up almost every lawless, progressive hater of the word of God.....

News Flash: Christians are being slaughtered 
for following a Jew

  • Those living in, and around the Biblical lands are being wiped out, off the map! 
  • The very thing that many in the world watched happen to the Jews via much of the Christian world a few centuries ago is now happening to the Christians via Islam......[Patterns?]
  • Consider: When the Bible was written the whole world was the scriptural land of the Middle East. 
  • So, I ask you...Has "Tribulation" begun to spread through the whole world? 
  • For those being slaughtered, a supernatural air lift has yet to occur.
  • Hmmmm, something just ain't right with what we have believed since throwing out our Jewish brothers from the things they taught to us.
Where is the CHURCH? Playing Golf with Obama?

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