Friday, February 20, 2015

Are You Helping People?

The Jeff Morton Report (

The Jeff Morton Report is another Internet Radio broadcast. Our broadcast is purposed to promote those people serving the "Kingdom of God"

Whether you call Him Yahweh, YHVH, Yehovah, Yeshua, Jesus, HaShem or I Am, if you, your ministry or your heart has caused you to serve others, please consider coming onto our broadcast and give a "Report!" Please read the following

Here is what the broadcast offers and needs in order to be a success
Sponsor a show...You can do this financially (click the Paypal tab on this blog) a variety of options are listed via the drop down tabs. The show, Internet provider and various costs associated with doing any of this is considerably less than being on a radio station. Nevertheless, I do have costs.

To keep costs down, I have set up a broadcast studio in our home. (Thankful to YHWH for bringing those people to help) will broadcast our show live from 4:00 to 5:30 PM Pacific time (Sundays)
Worship and Word Radio will broadcast the show from California Click Here


Send to me a 30 second promo, announcement, advertisement or idea...If we use it as a regular part of the weekly broadcast a one time fee of 25.00 is what we ask for to help support costs.

I have also asked several people to participate with doing short segments...that help people
"A Moment of Torahcents, Hoping my friend, Samone can find the time to provide a regular segment for the show...speaking to women's issues.
We are working on a disaster preparedness segment featuring Elizabeth Smatlak
We are also working on a health and wellness segment any ideas..let me know

A few people to thank:
My wife, Michele (she puts up with the exuberance with in my spirit to serve and to promote others. She says often, "YOU ARE NON STOP!")

Nathan Grapes who is a gigantic supporter of virtually everything that I do. Thank you bro, you are sent of YHVH

J.J. Wagoner who is an answer to prayer. J.J. is my new Internet Manager. He will be handling the website, all of the computers (at this moment he is building a new computer for the show) He is my "go to guy" for The Jeff Morton Report when I need anything done!

Scott Bell Owner of Worship and Word Radio aka will be playing the program on his station as an archive as well

All of the above are contributing their time, energy and support. Worship and Word radio does have a fee (of course) and we are happy to pay it...If what we do appeals to you the listener...please help us continue doing it.

The program will be interview based. My desire is to promote your effort in service to our GREAT GOD! If you have something amazing to share, we are actively supporting YOU! So if you are feeding the poor, supporting the orphans, helping the widows...If you are helping those addicted to or formerly addicted to substance abuse or those who are sick, who need help come give to us a REPORT about what you are doing and what you are needing. My program will share your story with the world via the Internet.

Are you helping the elderly, the newborn...
Are you helping people, will you share your time with us

The show will also be archived on my Podcast page, Click here

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