Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Amazing, The Emotional Highs & Lows

The Jeff Morton Report (jeffmortonreport@yahoo.com)

On Sunday I was taking stock in all of the equipment that I know have wired into one room in our home/town-home apartment. Most of which was donated or contributed to me as a result of what I do nowadays. I have great friends, great supporters, my wife tapped into the funds (for her Israel trip) in order to purchase new speakers for the new computer. My other speakers died during setting up this office/slash studio. I was thanking God for providing everything in order to create the new show, The Jeff Morton Report. To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed on Sunday.
Restoring Children International

Scott Bell, owner of Word and Worship Radio will be broadcasting our show on his 365 Live network. He will also be an integral part of making the show happen. Sure, I could learn how to do a full broadcast out of my studio but being a part of http://wawradio.net and working with Scott is more exciting for me. Nevertheless, and because we are doing a relay the lion share of what goes on during the broadcast will be done through Scott's studio in California, I am near Seattle.

Sunday was an emotional high.
Monday, not so much....................?

One of the things that I really, really....REALLY struggle with is never having enough cash! Now listen carefully, I am not doing the poor me thingy nor am I playing the violin with the pity party tone, nope not at all! Monday, I was considering all of the people suffering around the globe. This too, was overwhelming!

When I sold my company down in Portland, Oregon behind closed doors I cried. All of the hard work to get a "start up" going, the costs, all of the many, many customers that we developed in less than ten years...for me it was awful. I have regretted selling our company ever since. The reason I sold the business is another story that I won't bore you with. Bottom line, I did not have to sell the business, rather I made a choice to sell the business...Again, I have regretted that decision ever since! That was back in 2006
My wife and I sold our home walking away from the life we had, eventually divorcing (Now remarried)

Restoring Children International Donate
When Abba, Father blew my mind up in 2007 doing what I am doing today was not a thought in my entire being! I had no idea that I would meet people all over the planet, Nor was it a thought in my brain to have a radio broadcast, writing books, doing interviews both television and radio. If you had said to me that I would have an AM radio show broadcasting live on Salem Communications I would have checked you for a crack pipe! To have been writing a blog (what the heck is a blog) now nearly eight years later...you're kidding right? All of this has happened. I have also survived my vehicle blowing up, a horrible car accident, crack cocaine addiction, brain surgery and cancer all since 1998
The cocaine addiction stemmed from trying to run four restaurants, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week way back in the day, go figure! (What an idiot I was!)

I made a small donation to Restoring Children International along with a very close friend. We received notification what the funding was able to do...warms your heart when you make a difference! Mr. Rick Daviscourt who started this ministry for abused girls will be on the broadcast March the 8th (Amazing story hope you tune in)

Serving people makes a huge difference to people
Both my wife and one particular friend who are both very, very close to me often say, "Take car of your world before you give everything away!" Well, I don't command the income that I use to bring into our home and  I really do believe that I live with what God provides but....I am so limited with being able to do more...It get's me really, really down! I get upset often because I can't help more people. Abba, Father assured me that if we were going to do anything we would have to do it HIS way! You would think this to be good enough but, I struggle with MY GOD because, I want to do more to help people!.....It get's depressing not to mention, I would like to do more things for and with my wife as well....

I was thinking about a comment that I heard from Ben Shapiro (a talk show host, author, etc) who said speaking about the Academy Awards, "Who wants to sit and watch a bunch of dysfunctional rich people celebrate their dysfunction!" I chuckled as I drove home.

On The Flip Side:
I have watched a video of a man burned alive while locked in a cage, little girls forced into marriage at the age of nine, young boys buried alive in the desert or dressed as little girls for sex in several Islamic nations. I have watched 21 men beheaded with a Steven Spielberg production quality. I live with the knowledge of girls, young women being forced into sex slavery all over the world or being forced to strap bombs onto themselves because a group of bastards (men) want to kill people. I am watching the United States, my country toss itself into the history books while racism, antisemitism, homosexuality, same sex marriage, abortion, and just about every sort of decadence one can imagine now guiding not only our nation but much of the western world.

We have time to help people
My resolve is to take what I have and what has been given, what God has provided and speak about life, hope, and  to present people who give. Those who in the face of the insanity enveloping mankind are still helping those in need. Last year I decided that arguing and fighting over biblical matters is just another form of decadence.....If I did not see the good in people, love people than I would probably give up on us. To a large degree when looking at the world that lives as though YEHOVAH is a figment of our imagination...well of those people I have pretty much disconnected.

So, now I am going to do a broadcast that celebrates people who serve the Kingdom of God. I have no idea how this will advance or if it will advance at all but, with the lack of funding, financial resources or just plain old income, this is what I can do and this is what the God that I serve has provided. Therefore through the emotional highs & lows this is what I have to work with serving people and serving THY KINGDOM COME!

So when I tell you all that I am grateful, I am, I just wish that I could do more. I wish too, that I could bless back so many, many people who have come along side of my world as it is today...who knew?
I just wonder, how much more would I be able to do had I not sold the company? Realistically, I would not have done any of what is listed above because the company would have kept me working 18 hours a day. (I might have more resources if I had gone another 10 years with the business?)

The millionaires in Hollywood and around the world who are GODLESS well, we just keep praying that eyes are opened as the Messiah prepares  to invade Jerusalem!

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