Tuesday, February 10, 2015

42 individuals received the following EMAIL

The Jeff Morton Report (jeffmortonreport@yahoo.com)

Warning...If your race (skin color) or your religious beliefs cause you to hate people and if you are antisemitic...go away, don't play around here!

Several of you have agreed to come and share your story on my new show...The Jeff Morton Report
Those of you who are included in this email are formally invited to bring your story to my broadcast.

If you are helping others due to the work that you are doing my program offers you an opportunity to share what that is.
So if you are helping to spread important information
Supporting Israel
Supporting Children
The Biblical account of what HaShem, GOD, YHVH, YAHWEH, YESHUA YAHUWAH is doing...geez! [Stop being offended for being a miracle]
If you are Christian, Jewish, Messianic, Torah Based, Gospel Based and are not beating HELL into one another but helping people....Come and share what, why, and who you are!

If you feed the homeless, help women, help men, support widows take care of the orphans or just want to make the world a better place, come and share your story. (I am vetting you for the show. If it fits great, if not, I will tell you quickly)

If you are nuts go to the park don't call me.
If you are radical Islamic Moslem and want to behead me, don't contact me. I do not want to talk to you! (I need my head for my program)

The program will broadcast live from 4:00 to 5:30 Sunday evening (West Coast time, USA) The show is formatted and goes quickly

Those of you who have already agreed to do a show...I am scheduling now. The first broadcast will be myself and my engineer, Scott Bell owner of Worship And Word Radio...March the 1st. I am scheduling for the next week and every consecutive Sunday. I like to be booked at least four weeks out (8 weeks is preferable.) The first show will be working through kinks and addressing the shows concept. Your appearance is not paid..supporting the program is really a raised up prayer at this point (And I still need a few things)

The cost to do this via wawradio.net is a cost that will have to fall out of the sky. The Pod-casting or archiving of the show all have to be paid for. I am not trying to make money but rather support YOU!
This show is for YOU...

If you want to fight and argue your faith...Nope, this is not what my show is about. My show is about people serving People in preparation for The Messiah or because people need help and YOU or your organization is helping.

If you have a product, up coming event etc (to sell or promote)...Make an mp3 and I will charge you to promote it. The fee is $25.00 no more than 30 seconds long. (For each different MP3 that we play) Contact me at (I will not charge each time we play it)...jeffmortonreport@yahoo.com. These all have to go through my company...AJKM Productions (I am not, nor do I want to be a non Profit)

If you know me than you know...I SUPPORT ISRAEL and those who believe in the El of Israel ...Period.!!!!!
I also believe we are called to make life better. The world hates us....So, we need to stop fighting one another ...Nuff Said
I have loved the group 4Him for 25 years...So, Scott said he can play a lot of their music on my show. Big Smile!

I look forward to hearing from you! And don't be bashful about sponsoring a show (Blog upper left hand corner...Click Paypal)
Please respond via, JeffMortonReport@Yahoo.com This new email address is exclusive to the show. I have files set up for scheduling purposes via this email
Thank You...no really.... 
PS..Consider reviewing the following and I will not be offended should you decline but please share with those who are actively doing something...for the good of someone, else! It might work for them



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