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The Prophecy of Great Destruction vs the Rapture of Christianity

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10 Signs That Russia Is Preparing To Fight (And Win) A Nuclear War With The United States
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This article is not about Russia launching nuclear weapons or "World War Three" Rather, it is about the effect of Nuclear, Biological, Chemical or Electro-Magnetic Pulse weaponry used against Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Dallas, or your neighborhood.

Mark 13:18-19 Pray that your flight will not be in the winter. For there will be distress in those days, the likes of which has never been since the beginning of the creation which God has created until now, and never will be.
The insanity of killing people

The Bible scenario does not have to occur however, the propensity of mankind to kill one another continues to be unabated
Nuclear Detonation:
"A typical two-story house subjected to 5 psi would feel the force of 180 tons on the side facing the blast. (Download the Quicktime movie entitled house to see an example of a building subjected to this type of pressure.) Additionally, the blast creates a 160 mile-an-hour wind. And that's only at 5 psi. The wind speed following a 20 psi blast would be 500 mph!"
 "Biological weapons (BWs) deliver toxins and microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria, so as to deliberately inflict disease among people, animals, and agriculture. Biological attacks can result in destruction of crops, temporarily discomforting a small community, killing large numbers of people, or other outcomes. The release of an agent is not immediately detectable. There are systems that detect biological agents, but most have a delay between acquiring the agent and identifying it."
"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sarin is a human-made agent that is considered the most toxic and rapid acting of chemical weapons. They are almost like insecticides since they work in the same manner and almost have the same harmful effects. Sarin is a clear, colorless and tasteless liquid or gas without any odor. After released, the nerve agent can quickly change from a liquid to a vapor – this allows for maximum exposure to the public. The chemical can enter a human’s system through the eyes, mouth, nose, or skin. It can be also found in the air and water and it can also contaminate food. Even clothing can release the sarin.
When a person is exposed to sarin as a vapor, symptoms usually appear within a few seconds – when exposed to the liquid form, it takes a couple of minutes. Since sarin has no odor, people who have been exposed may not know it at first – this makes them hard for medial aids to treat their symptoms. Nerve agents prevent the body from properly utilizing an enzyme that acts as the body’s “off switch” for muscles and glands. When this happens, the muscles and glands become over-stimulated. This makes the exposed extremely tired and breathing becomes difficult.
Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weaponry
 The ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) effect [1] was first observed during the early testing of high altitude airburst nuclear weapons [GLASSTONE64]. The effect is characterized by the production of a very short (hundreds of nanoseconds) but intense electromagnetic pulse, which propagates away from its source with ever diminishing intensity, governed by the theory of electromagnetism. 
The ElectroMagnetic Pulse is in effect an electromagnetic shock wave.
This pulse of energy produces a powerful electromagnetic field, particularly within the vicinity of the weapon burst. The field can be sufficiently strong to produce short lived transient voltages of thousands of Volts (ie kiloVolts) on exposed electrical conductors, such as wires, or conductive tracks on printed circuit boards, where exposed.
It is this aspect of the EMP effect which is of military significance, as it can result in irreversible damage to a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment, particularly computers and radio or radar receivers. Subject to the electromagnetic hardness of the electronics, a measure of the equipment's resilience to this effect, and the intensity of the field produced by the weapon, the equipment can be irreversibly damaged or in effect electrically destroyed. The damage inflicted is not unlike that experienced through exposure to close proximity lightning strikes, and may require complete replacement of the equipment, or at least substantial portions thereof.
Commercial computer equipment is particularly vulnerable to EMP effects, as it is largely built up of high density Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) devices, which are very sensitive to exposure to high voltage transients. What is significant about MOS devices is that very little energy is required to permanently wound or destroy them, any voltage in typically in excess of tens of Volts can produce an effect termed gate breakdown which effectively destroys the device. Even if the pulse is not powerful enough to produce thermal damage, the power supply in the equipment will readily supply enough energy to complete the destructive process. Wounded devices may still function, but their reliability will be seriously impaired. Shielding electronics by equipment chassis provides only limited protection, as any cables running in and out of the equipment will behave very much like antennae, in effect guiding the high voltage transients into the equipment.
Computers used in data processing systems, communications systems, displays, industrial control applications, including road and rail signalling, and those embedded in military equipment, such as signal processors, electronic flight controls and digital engine control systems, are all potentially vulnerable to the EMP effect.

Other electronic devices and electrical equipment may also be destroyed by the EMP effect. Telecommunications equipment can be highly vulnerable, due to the presence of lengthy copper cables between devices. Receivers of all varieties are particularly sensitive to EMP, as the highly sensitive miniature high frequency transistors and diodes in such equipment are easily destroyed by exposure to high voltage electrical transients. Therefore radar and electronic warfare equipment, satellite, microwave, UHF, VHF, HF and low band communications equipment and television equipment are all potentially vulnerable to the EMP effect.
It is significant that modern military platforms are densely packed with electronic equipment, and unless these platforms are well hardened, an EMP device can substantially reduce their function or render them unusable.

This is what Abba, Father placed into the Bible via the hands of men concerning our generation. Perhaps when we consider what is happening abandoning denial....We will understand what being out of covenant with God causes men to do unto one another!

Leviticus 19:18 "'You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people; but you shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am Yahweh.

Kingdom Law is completely, totally, and without regard, ignored. The propensity of mankind to kill escalates
A time of great tribulation in the earth is...begun. The rapture of Christianity has not.

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