Monday, January 5, 2015

The Possibilities of YHVH, Sound and Music, Limitless!


Well, once again I am exploring, learning about our Great God. I am no longer bound by any religious propensity(s)  Rather, I continue to discover that God is revealing or perhaps returning us back to his ways. I am seeing his promissory obligations to Israel causing many to return to what he poured into this nation, into the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob....

Having realized that YHVH is the air that I breath, the water that gives life. Knowing too, that He planted a garden full of what our bodies needed and he inclined creation to sing, I am filled with wonder, daily.

YHVH has an order in how he reveals himself to what he has done all of which is a symphony for those who can hear. In my last post I shared that the Creator of life is not bound by life. We are not an inclusion to life but rather the result of the creation of life. If you are able to wrap your mind around that statement then perhaps too you might want to check out what Michael Tyrrell is doing?

I am exploring what is revealed to him concerning sound via music..A friend of ours introduced me to the website "" Click  Currently reading  Michael Tyrrell's book.

I am learning about other folks standing for the Kingdom of YHVH such as Melissa Flores.....Check out Melissa's Podcast (Click Here) Marriage, relationships, its pretty good!

I think my life is on the cusp of moving beyond where it is...I love what Abba, Father...Created!
Between the Healing Codes, Pythagorean Skein, Solfeggio Frequency (from an ancient, Biblical narrative as opposed to new age crap!) and now

Yahweh, where are we going now?

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