Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Police officer in Paris cried out, "Please Don't Shoot"


The lies perpetrated concerning Michael Brown during the Ferguson, Missouri idiocy, subsequent rioting, looting, and deeply embarrassing fiasco mean nothing to those who stand behind the convictions of Al Sharpton and the,'Plantation Nation' who support this man. Michael Brown, a young man, high on drugs, now dead as a result of bullying an innocent store owner, attacking a police officer and breaking the law.

In comparison, a police officer responding to Muslims terrorists, two murdering brothers, hell bent on killing people who are responsible for the death of eleven people lay on the ground, hands up, begging for his life only to be executed!
In Paris, France, cops ride bikes with no firearm because there are people in France who believe gun control is...the right think to do.

When watching the video (image above) heart breaks for this person, all of these people who are now dead.

The world is insane, nothing makes sense! The Police Officer was trying to help people. His life was taken while wearing a uniform that offered him absolutely no protection, no defense?

I keep thinking about this as though at some point something will make sense...What continues to occur however, is the lunacy expands!

The media continues to aid and abet people like Micheal Brown and the entire Radical Islamic world?

Another police officer was shot and killed in Paris.
Clarissa Jean-Philippe

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