Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Jeff Morton Report


addendum: The new show will be called "The Jeff Morton Report" (Subject to change)

I truly believe God inspires us to do something, to make a difference, to make LIFE better. (I am not self promoting but rather committed to a vehicle that helps me to stop bouncing off the wall with expectation and exuberance. I live on the edge of my seat watching the Creator complete a portion of his gift to us!)

The Jeff Morton Report
  • Sunday afternoon, weekly (time yet to be determined)
  • 90 minutes, interview based program: Guests sharing what they are doing in service to the Kingdom of God. 
  • We are looking to interview people who are actively working for the Kingdom, share your story. Jew, Christian, those reconnecting to the roots of our faith. What are you doing and why.
  • To include segment "Keeping up with world headlines"
  • Worship segment (music)
  • Internet Live via WAW Radio 
  • Archived shows will be on my podcasts
  • Scott Allen Bell will be assisting me, engineering the show [An active participant in the broadcast]
  • Yes, I need sponsors and persons who would like to advertise.Your company/name will be announced due to FCC rules.
  • If you wish to be a guest on the broadcast email me.
  • Sponsors: Click paypal tab on my blog 
  • We are creating a show not a Blog Talk formatted broadcast 
  • Thank you for your support

This endeavor will be MY primary focus, hope to begin broadcasting in February...
SPONSORSHIPS" left hand top of the blog to access Pay-Pal account. Be sure to email how you intended to support the broadcast
Currently, Scott needs to upgrade a computer. Your financial consideration will help Click here

The Nimrods of the world hate us.....
Nevertheless, I emphatically, passionately know, 
"Thy Kingdom Comes, Thy Will Be Done"....
Abba, Father, I ask for your hand upon this effort...Thank You my LORD......

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