Monday, January 12, 2015

The Jeff Morton Report, In development


I had an unusual amount of traffic to my blog throughout the weekend from France. My numbers went through the roof as far as "Visitors" to my blog. Equally odd to me is, since leaving Facebook the numbers have increased? Now granted, my blog is not breaking any records. I mean, geeze, I come against Racism, Religion (All Religion) the Plantation Nation...[People who live with a slave mentality as opposed to a Kingdom Mind] I don't eat Oreos, my  "Uncle Tom" died and I don't know anyone named, "Sellout!"

I love Jesus who I now call Yeshua and love his word, the word of YHVH. I stand with Israel according to why this nation, these people exist in the first place. So to the godless, the traditional, faith based community and hell itself...People like me make no sense at all.
Christianity has so much garbage woven into the beauty of the Gospels, Islam radical or otherwise is insane to me, and Judaism continues to, "Miss the Mark" while having so many, many truths embedded into historical Israel. Now I ask you who among you want to fight on that battlefield. Rather, let's talk about "Thy Kingdom Come", feeding the poor, helping the widows and providing for the orphans. Let's love our neighbor, be "LOYAL to our King and be gracious to one another. This is my focus in 2015

Mr. Scott Allen
Having said that, I am developing a revamped radio program because, I truly cannot shut up about the GLORY of the Kingdom of God, the Return of the Messiah, the resurrection of Israel and the days ahead for those who come out of...Babylon!

All of the families of the earth are on the verge of being truly blessed. No one I know crowns a King or performs a wedding in a destroyed kingdom or filthy home...
The Messiah of Israel is coming!

Scott Allen of Worship and Word Radio (Listen Live) and I are in talks about how to do the "Jeff Morton Show" He has agreed to engineer the program as well as broadcast the show. He also will be my teacher, God willing that all of this come to pass on how to produce a quality program. Please support Worship and Word Radio with your giving and please do check it out.

The "Jeff Morton Report" will be a place for people to share what God is doing in their lives and what they are doing for the Kingdom. I am done fighting and arguing over Theology especially knowing, watching YHVH bring forward his Kingdom into this earth..Oh my gosh what a joyous day this will be!

Scott and I are in talks on how to get this done, He is east of Los Angeles, I am near Seattle, WA. He needs to upgrade a computer (You can help him do this financially, CLICK HERE)  Both Scott and I depend on Abba, Father to help us and all that burns in our hearts to do for the Kingdom of YEHOVAH

I leave you with two questions:
1) Did God create us to include us into life or did God create life in order for us to exist?
2) When you look into a mirror do you see the image of God?

Genesis 1:27  God created man in his own image. In God's image he created him; male and female he created them.

Have an incredible day!

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Andre Pigott said...

Got me fired up as always you are a true blessing!