Saturday, January 3, 2015

I Left Facebook, So What?


I am regularly criticized by a particular friend because of the steps I have taken to pull back from Social Media, Radio, etc, etc. My reasons for doing this according to him has to do with his belief about my calling and the Satan's ability to derail said calling. I suppose his arriving at such conclusions is based on his knowledge of Satan because it is not based on his knowledge about why I have done these things. We have never spoken about my reason for doing what I have done... Obviously, I readily dismiss his perspective and his emails to that effect. According to the latest email, "I continue to shoot myself in the foot!" I have never shot myself in the foot! Nevertheless, I appreciate my friend and what he is doing for YHVH's Kingdom!
And so it goes! 

After discovering Facebook, learning how to use this medium I quickly reached 5000 friends twice having created three pages over the course of my Facebook career. I think Facebook is a great tool for connecting to people but have realized that Facebook limits your exposure. The programming has an algorithm that only allows 7% of what you post to be seen by your friends and those following you on line. Well, I am not a scholar, teacher or academically trained but the idea behind Facebook was to connect people to people. The algorithm presents an oxy-moron to this end.....

Equally, the amount of time that social media devours can be destructive if and when disciplines are not established. I deactivated my most recent page in October 2014 for two months. I went back on Facebook in December after the police officers were executed in New York City. It was an emotional, gut reaction that caused me to reactivate my page. After a couple of weeks I just thought or re-thought the Facebook reality and decided...nah, I don't want to do this anymore.

Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with a former candidate running for a congressional seat. Now mind you, I am done with politics, finito, kaput, done! I am not done reconnecting Torah to the Gospel & the Gospel to Torah. Sharing the Kingdom of YHVH with this person from an Hebraic perspective, watching his reaction for nearly four hours is why I wake up everyday. This individual, a devote Christian, who has lived through some unimaginable situations concerning cancer within his family, (wife, and son) was astounded throughout our luncheon. He was making connections that are not part of the Christian teachings as we thumbed through various passages. [The Word of God came to lunch with us.] We enjoyed a spectacular four hour lunch. Facebook does not afford me this very intimate, very personal contact with fellow "Kids of the Kingdom!"

When doing the radio broadcast both on AM Radio (Seattle) and the Internet I lacked the funding to do both programs the way that I wanted to do them. Asking people to fund both when I was not satisfied with how the shows were done started to bother me. I thought that I was  asking for money to do something that was not what I wanted. I begun to feel guilty...So I shut down both asking YHVH (in my prayer life) to show me better how to do what he wants. I want a radio program that showcases the guests but that also is professionally done. I have the equipment to do a broadcast from my home just not the answers from Abba, Father that I am seeking. I gave up on Blog Talk Internet Radio...The technical issues became more than I wanted to deal with.

I also have issues within our family that need to be addressed which are paramount to going forward, or doing anything. Steps are being taken to address some of those concerns as I type this. In fact, I am on a plane to Jacksonville, Arkansas the end of January to visit my son and his family and my youngest child who live there. [Looking forward to meeting my first grandson as well, yippie!]

 So, for me doing the right thing at the right time is what I am asking Abba, Father to help me sort through. I hope to have my next book completed very soon, am focused on my wife and our marriage, my kids and the needs of my family. This is what I absolutely believe Abba, Father, Yahweh, has directed me to do for such a time as this. I will continue to write my blog and do lunch with those wanting to understand how to reconnect Torah to the Gospels and the Gospels to Torah as the 
Un-Colored, Un-Broken, & Un-Ashamed, Kids of the Kingdom regardless of what Satan does or some of my friends think. Yesterday during lunch we celebrated life, not religion. I will rail against racism and antisemitism encouraging people of Biblical faith to stop hating one another because of skin color. For those who hate us because we are believers in the God of Israel, Jew or Non Jew:
Honestly, I really don't give a damn about you beyond feeling sorry for you and your rejection of the Elohim of Israel......
However, if you should want to go to lunch one day due to a change of heart, call me!
 Nuff Said!

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