Thursday, January 15, 2015

Warrior for the Caliphate!


We all know what a "Radical, Terrorist, Islamic Monster is, they are all over the planet killing just about everyone. Nevertheless, I continue reading the headlines concerning the release of Gitmo detained , Radical, Terrorist, Islamic, Monsters by the president of the United States of America.
Unfortunately (for America) a handful of our citizenry remain shocked by the innate quality of the first black, white, radical, christian, president who embraced Islam (during his youth), influenced under the teachings of Carl Marx, Sal Alinski and Bill Ayers, surrounded by active communists within his administration, currently furnishing military experts to those killing Americans via Gitmo....whew!

I keep hearing people ask, "Why won't he call these people what they are?" Well, I have a question directed to all of you wondering why he won't declare the obvious! Many of you continue to use statements like, "The president seems disconnected" or Barack Obama appears to be in denial. Better yet, "This administration refuses to acknowledge Radical Islam!" Terms like, Work Place Violence, New Gun Control Legislation, and Peaceful Muslims are bandied about almost as often as are severed heads!

My question: Why won't any of you call our President, "Manchurian Candidate" Warrior for the Caliphate?

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