Sunday, January 11, 2015

Had a "Toothless" Conversation With Two Christians Who Knocked On My Door


Last night while baking Parmesan coated chicken breast, preparing dinner for my wife and I, I heard a gentle knock at our front door. I did not have my teeth in when I answered the door. I tend to look like Blackula when my uppers partial is not in place. Oh, well,  an Hispanic woman accompanied by a white guy, both younger than myself introduced themselves as Christians wanting to invite me to their congregation.
This is the second time two representatives from this church have stopped by. The last time, two young men came. I spent probably an hour speaking to both. I was trying to find the card that those two gave to me about their church. I did not ask for a card last night nor was one offered. The congregation is called, "New Testament Christian Church" I remember looking up the congregation previously. Nevertheless, when you knock on my door I am going to share the ROOT of our faith which includes all of Tanakh...On both visits they were talking about Jesus, I was talking about the Bible.....

The two who came to my door were not familiar with what "Tanakh"is (?) Hence "New Testament Church. I did more investigating this morning and found the following. Be mindful, I am posting information not an opinion. For me personally, I no longer attend Sunday churches

"New Testament Church" is reason enough for me to avoid such a congregation. While sharing with these folks The "Old Testament" was foreign to them! Nice folks though!

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