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From Genesis to Jeff Morton

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Let's talk about the "Hebrew Roots Movement" for a moment.

When my world was awakened to "Hebrew Roots" personally, I had absolutely no knowledge of what any of this was. I had never even heard this term. Equally, the term, "Messianic" for me meant after the resurrection of, "Jesus." currently, it means "Messy-Antics!" 

I was introduced to various groups of people who were following this "New Thing" after I had an encounter with YHVH back in 2007. I have written about that experience numerous times. Prior to 2007 and during much of 2006 I had a nagging desire to understand Israel even more so than all of the years I had studied this nation after understanding better the Holocaust.

The question that I kept asking of Pastors, (only to upset most) a question flooding my mind was; Why do we read from a book written by the Jewish people while throwing the Jewish people under the bus?" One day the LORD answered me....

In that moment, what I could never have imagined, from Genesis to Jeff Morton, our Creator purposed  a second in time, to show to me who HE IS!
I soon started meeting Christians who were now dressing as first century Jews emulating Jewish people. Well my understanding of Jewish people in America (far beyond my youth) was the people who run Hollywood, placating filth, and debauchery. Those who promote "Gangsta Rap" in the Music Industry. I understood them to be the pornographers of America......Of course, I knew Jewish people who were business professionals, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters but I did not "KNOW " any of them.

I wanted to learn who these people were so I started going to various synagogues in Portland, Oregon. Without going into a great deal of back ground I soon found that many of those who I was meeting were the nicest, warmest people of my lifetime. I have met a few Jews who are racists, bigots who could care less about anything I had to say. These folks are just as miserable and disconcerting as are racists and bigots in general.....Ethnicity has very little to do with living dumb! The world is full of, "DUMB!" Needless to say the separation between myself, the "Christian" and the Jewish people was shattered. I have never wanted to be Jewish, to convert to Judaism, convert a Jew or dress like a Jew 2000 years later (?)

Converting a Jew to me is EVIL. I have posted nearly 1700 blog entries sharing with the world who I am and why I think the way that I do. Hating the Jewish people is the epitome of STUPID, in my opinion!

To be very, very clear and I have written this and I have said this before...If I were Jewish and a Christian approached me saying, "Come to Jesus" I would run down the street in the opposite direction screaming, "HELP ME!" Most Christians have absolutely no idea why I would write such a thing,..... And so it goes!

Well, I live awakened....The anger of what Christianity lied to me about is subsided. The feelings of being ripped off due to Western Theology now gone. The insufferable Pastors who refuse to re-examine the "Truth" which is more accurately, "Lies Inherited" no longer piss me off. The Rabbi's who say to me, "The "J Man" is a myth created by the Catholics, easily dismissed. I see the Jewish Messiah not the Egyptian Joseph. [Some of you got that]....

I always say, "If we all have the truth why are we catapulting humanity into living hell?" Watching racism and bigotry and the spirit guiding folks to bow to this insanity is telling. I see just how much of the world follows powers and principalities in vivid, living colors that have nothing to do with my God, the God of Color!

YAHWEH spoke to me saying, "GO LEARN WHY I WAS JEWISH"......Nuff Said!

I am finding that peeling off religion offers the benefit of liberty. I can explore what is remarkable while at the same time not try to fit the unbelievable into a religious paradigm.

James 1:25 But *he* that fixes his view on [the] perfect law, that of liberty, and abides in [it], being not a forgetful hearer but a doer of [the] work, *he* shall be blessed in his doing.
Moreover, the more I learn, the more I realize how much I do not know. I believe that what happened to me was meant to benefit someone else. So, as I continue to learn (far beyond church doctrines), I feel a growing need to help people beyond anything that I have ever considered based on what I now,  know. 
I am not a teacher, certainly not a prophet. I do not have a bachelor's degree or academic training whatsoever but, I have been in the service industry most of my adult life. I know food and I know plumbing and I know people. I know how to manage business and train people. I believe you always develop your replacement. I find that being at the top means you're the best person to bring others up to be better than yourself. I have never been in a church where this is the golden rule, never! What I sense coming has very little to do with church as far as it portends to my life.....

As I talk to people, meet people around the world many of those people have dirty hands because they truly are, "Working the field" So, rather then follow a movement, look forward to the next revelation from YAHWEH...I want to take what I have been given into the fields. Most have no idea about TORAH or Kingdom Law!

The genesis of Jeff Morton is not asking YHVH to help me overcome area's of bondage and insecurity but rather asking YHVH, where do you need me? People around the globe need doers of the Kingdom......What a concept, huh?

When I think about, THY KINGDOM COME, the APPOINTED TIMES or Festivals of the LORD; when I consider TORAH or the Laws of the Kingdom, the statutes and commandments, the wedding betrothal and the restoration of Israel....I see with an absolute hawk-eye type vision the kingdom of hell, screaming against the plans of YHVH. This is what the world is beginning to convulse over while the screaming grows louder, and louder, and louder!

I have spent a long time complaining about not having enough money to do what I want to do....

Abba, Father forgive me; You have everything that I will need to do what YOU want. Far too often Adonai, my God, I overlook your truth. But Abba, Father if I were to ask you for anything beyond today....Will you please provide what is needed for Michele and my sister to journey to Israel come the fall?"

For Jeff Morton it is time to step away from the movements and stand up for the Kingdom, get out into the fields with whatever I have....at this very moment!

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