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Fake Jews


Antisemitism & Racism is akin to sipping the juice of skunks!
The following video presentation is superb...I want to know Dr. Moller

Question: How many ancient nations removed from their home land have been revived in one day?

I have had numerous people over the last several years say to me the following, "Those Jews who went back to Israel are not true Jews"

I always think, "GOD, you screwed up again according to this person. You put the wrong people back into Israel when you performed this miracle." Since He knows my thoughts, he has never responded to me. I can only imagine that for him, this statement is like saying the oceans are not full of water?

The Jewish people to me are akin to a giant wrecking ball moving through the millenniums knocking down the kingdoms that men have raised up! These people simply don't die off. However, the nations that attempt to "Wipe them out of existence" have all perished

So, for the purpose of this article let's look above the people and look at our God who led them into the wilderness. (I have written about this so many, many times)

In Ezekiel Chapter 20, YHVH, through the prophet Ezekiel shares a little history lesson concerning His edict (Statute) to not bring the Egyptian idols (Religious instruments) with them when leaving Egypt . The Jews (Israelites) crossed through the Reid (Red) Sea with the idols. YHVH, again through the prophet Ezekiel recalls how He told them in the wilderness to get rid of their idols or they would die. They all died save for their children born during the forty year trek around (literally) the desert. Again, through the prophet Ezekiel, YHVH reminds them not to take the idols (religions) into the land promised. The descendants of Jacob took the idols into the land promised, Ovey! Hence, the children of Israel were scattered. Read it for yourself, go ahead!

So, Abba, Father parts the Reid Sea and watches the children of Jacob scurry through the dry sea bed with...a whole bunch of idols!

What people tend to do when reading these passages is instantly respond to what those, "Foolish People" failed to do. It is almost as if a justification to hate the Jews is rationalized. This is what "Replacement Theology along with it's power supply, or antisemitism cause 3800 years later. Nevertheless, when reading Ezekiel chapter 20 focus on what GOD or YHVH does and does not do After all, Ezekiel is representing God.

So let us take all the religions of the world, all of the idols that go with them and point a finger at the ancient Israelites condemning them for worshiping our Gods? God spoke to their prophet about his relationship to them. God swore an oath, three times concerning what he was doing with them!

In 1948 God restored his chosen nation and placed a remnant of the Jewish people back into the land. need proof: What was Kristalllnacht? Was it a Pogrom against the Snoop Dog, Billy Graham or Mohammed the prophet? YHVH did not put Snoop Dog, Billy Graham, or Mohammed the prophet back into the land promised to Jacob or...Israel. He began to regather the descendants of the children of Israel

"Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks. Tough kids, sissy kids, even kids with chicken pox!"

You will notice too that when he began to do this, the ancient Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Constantinople, Ottoman, British and German Empires, gone! Granted, Germany never ruled the lands of the Bible. Nevertheless, Germany produced a lunatic bastard of the nations, like all before him, hell bent on wiping the Jews out of history. But what did God do beginning in 1948?

When a coalition of Arabs nations decided to attack the "Born Again" nation of Israel or the States of Israel this remnant was imbued with a supernatural ability to survive. God gave to those "Fake Jews" a helping hand. Thus far, YHVH has not taken it back. Wars that Israel has won, Click Here
I recommend this book
Well, Israel has a whole bunch of Idol worship, Gay Day parades, Prostitution, Violence, Rape, Fornication, Divorce, Greed, Corruption, all of which is...lawlessness or sin. 
But, what is YHVH doing. I would suggest to you that he is by oath keeping his promise as recited by Ezekiel. Furthermore, I am totally convinced that he is keeping a promise to Abraham concerning his plan. In fact, I am laser focused on what HE IS DOING while the world is still pointing fingers at the only people alive who have maintained an identity due to...The Exodus!

According to Jeremiah, a prophet of Israel, YHVH is going to put his laws into their hearts. According to Ezekiel, He, YHVH is going to place his spirit into those dry bones. Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah are not talking to Snoop Dog, Billy Graham or Mohammed the Prophet. Nevertheless, the spirit of Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Constantinople, Ottoman, British, German and now many within the West are still trying to divide the land and push "Fake Jews" into the Mediterranean Sea......

I am watching the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, push back! What Isaiah prophesied in chapter 60 via the God of Israel, long before Snoop Dog, Billy Graham and Mohammed the prophet were born, has yet to happen. For the record, the rebirth of Israel (for me) is like watching GOD part the Reid Sea all over again. Of this you can be sure and just like the "Mixed Multitude" that followed Moses into the desert, I will be going with those "Fake Jews" and I don't care what the Rabbi's who throw Yeshua under the bus have to say about it. I know a stiff necked Jew when I see one and so too, does YHVH.

The nations so far, are confounded while Jerusalem is an immoveable rock to them....YHVH's wrecking ball is now winding up against the new Caliphate! Duck, duck, duck...goose!

Meanwhile, YHVH is restoring his land using those "Fake Jews" at the same time

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