Thursday, January 15, 2015

Do You Believe In The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob


If the answer to this question is yes I have a request. Before I make known my request please allow me to offer a little bit of my own testimony.

I accepted Jesus of Nazareth as LORD and SAVIOR of my life years ago. I started reading the Bible to better understand my decision. The possibility of a Creator, GOD, became more and more an integral part of who I was, who I was becoming. Learning about Jesus gave to my life an anchor. Nevertheless, I fell away from the church activities ending up addicted to "Crack Cocaine" while trying to run my first company. I used the drug to stay awake, damn near killed me, Duh!. In so doing I became addicted, ultimately opening a doorway to hell. My life in many aspects has yet to recover from the damage of drug abuse, I live with the consequences everyday. So too, does every member of my family.

One day I fell to the floor crying out to GOD, "IF YOU ARE REAL SHOW ME, STOP ME!"

This single prayer, a moment in my life where I was truly at the end of myself. In comparison, Richard Pryor once said, "I was so low, I had to pull down my sock in order to see!" Well, this was me, been there, done that!

Today, if you have spent anytime reading this blog, listening to my broadcasts or heard me speak, you know that I come against much of "HOW" I was taught about Jesus. I come against racism, religion, antisemitism, the Plantation Nation (My own term), much of Western theology, particularly that which is born of "Replacement Theology." I do everything that I do today because, GOD answered my prayer.

This has happened to millions of people the world over. The one thing that many, many millions of people who have lived and died have in common is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Both Jew and non Jew suffer as a result of this single fact. Verbally, physically and literally, people die due to the books of the Bible

Several miracles as well as stead fast commitment echo through my life these days. What I continue to learn is astounding, breathtaking! I leap out of bed daily in order to experience the God of ISRAEL. God placed into my being, loving people, his love only enhances who I was purposed to be.
Well, I want to hear your story.

The Jeff Morton Report is looking for people who are busy doing the work of the Kingdom. As one example, I am not looking for teachers to share what they teach but rather, teachers to share what is burning within their hearts to do what they do...People representing YHVH have stories to share. Please, come and share them on my broadcast. Fighting among brethren is not what my show will promote...been there, done that!

Consider my friends, Joshua and Caleb Waller of HaYovel and what they are doing
Check this out

David Rubin Joshua and Caleb Report from HaYovel on Vimeo.

Okay, so I am modeling the radio broadcast in like manner. This was not even my idea however what Joshua and Caleb are doing is exactly why I am returning to Internet Radio. After watching the above video, what is in my heart to do...clicked into view!

To the Jew, the Christian, the Messianic and Hebrew Root folks To those who have disconnected from racial identity, religious absolutes and antisemitism due to service to God 

...How are you making the world a better place? Come and share your story on my show, give to us a REPORT!...


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