Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cindy Hartline with Mark Biltz

The Jeff Morton Report (jeffmortonreport@yahoo.com)

The Solar and Lunar eclipse noise is just that...NOISE right?

Let's see.....

  • The President of the United States hates Israel
  • ISIS is moving across the globe like a cancer
  • Iran is restoring the Persian Empire
  • Islam is restoring the Caliphate
  • World Economies are teetering on the brink of financial collapse
  • Putin is putting the war into World ___ III
  • Men are marrying men
  • Women are marrying women
  • The Kingdoms of the earth hate Israel
  • The Church is waiting for an airlift.....Invisible in society
  • Ethiopia and Egypt will soon kill each other over a damn 
  • Saudi Arabia is getting ready to reap their reward for all of the hell they have exported
  • The last two blood moons are about to occur.

The final blood moon in September 2015 has so many first time in history, never happened before that it makes ya go...WOW?

But what about all that noise...?

Personally, I believe it is God warning the entire world that "What mankind is about to do is beyond anything that you all have ever done in the way of...Killing one another!"

This is what I think God is warning us about.

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