Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christianity Insanity, Islam and the Pogrom, The Ideologies of Crazy, Turn, Turn, Turn!


In the name of religion I ask the following questions:

How many Cops, REVEREND Al Sharpton do you think should die today?
How many Jews MINISTER Farrakhan should die today?
How many Christians, Arabs, women, children, goats, sheep, cattle and birds should die today IMAM Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

Accept Jesus, the Christ as your Savior, ask for forgiveness for the remission of sin and be saved. When you die, you will go to heaven and be with Jesus forever......The "Gospel Message" in a nutshell according to "Church Theology!"

I am reminded of the "Jesus" movies shown throughout my childhood during the annual "Easter" celebrations. All portrayed Jesus as a very mild, mannered, soft spoken, effeminate man, walking through dusty cities of ancient Israel encouraging those following to "Repent!" The Jewish leaders were all portrayed as monsters with various scenes featuring "Jesus Haters" (all Jewish) protesting his, "Ministry" throughout the movie(s)

During my entire time learning about "Jesus" via evangelical churches the many "Inquisitions" & "Pogroms" against the Jewish people [that are as numerous as are books in the Library of Congress] was not taught to me on Sunday morning. The very mild, mannered, Jesus of the movies did not share the story of the followers (non Jews) who history records as  violent, hell bent, diabolical men who murdered Jewish women, children, and entire communities in the name of Jesus. Nope, the movies told the story of a peachy, keen transformation from law to grace via the blood of the son of God who asked, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!"

The Church's history against those who did not covert to "Love, Peace and Eternity with Jesus in Heaven. Click Here

Enter, Allah in the 21st century or better yet "To everything, turn, turn, turn. There is a season turn, turn, turn!"

Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:

Europe is becoming Islamic...Does anyone remember when it became Christian?  
A very bad time for the Jewish people huh, (Turn, Turn, Turn!)

According to Islam it is time to die if and when you speak against Allah and or fail to convert to the ideology and doctrine celebrated via Sharia. Different name, different messenger, different time but, same diabolical hate, filled men, killing those who stand against the god of yet, another Heaven! 

Oh were it so that the electronic media existed in the days of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella...or Mohammed, the prophet. Political correctness would possibly have been fashionable back then too. After all, the Jews could not speak against the Caesar's several hundred years earlier. The Romans had a whole bunch of gods too! So did the Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Babylonians etc, etc, etc!

Do you find it unique that Israel introduced...ONE God! They have been slaughtered ever since!

Abraham (depiction of)
Sharia law, Replacement Theology...both have absolutely nothing to do with what Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were commissioned to do with regard to THY KINGDOM COME! At best, these are interpretations that have promoted, fostered, and structured death, not life! History readily proves the destruction religion causes.

The Kingdom of Israel was divided due to the hellish, religious practices committed by King Solomon. This dude threw his children into fire because he loved sex! He was a brilliant man gifted wisdom beyond the wisdom of men...And yet he caused the Kingdom of Israel to be divided...

Oh yes, that same sexual appetite of Solomon, same  perversion, is billowing out of societies today aided by the electronic media and babies really are thrown into fires! One can have sex with a woman covered with a bag or stripped naked and kill children legally...Turn, Turn, Turn!

Have you ever wondered why both Christianity and Islam promise eternity when one dies if while alive one keeps these tenants of your religious via grace the other via expectation!

Life is a gift! Currently, it is Islam's turn to make this mean absolutely nothing to people groups who do not agree with the manner by which they honor death..... and so it goes! Mankind keeps repeating...death by murder in the name of god....That god is...insane!........

Now go get into into the car, time to go to church, to mosque, to synagogue. We don't want to become "Lost" on the way; Turn, Turn, Turn! Notice the repetition

 YHVH...please, we need intervention!

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