Friday, January 9, 2015

Blood Moons, Terror Cells, Godless Governments & the Sunni, Shiite war, KABOOM!


The one consistent element/aspect during all of these Islamic individuals screaming "Allah Akbar"  during "Work Place" mishaps... is the murderers are well armed. Which forces me to ask: Who would put on a police uniform knowing "Gun Control laws" forced into law by liberal dipsticks forbid you from carrying a weapon?

The police officer gunned down in Paris while begging for his life had no firearm, no weapon. His uniform a magnet for the murders now killing people throughout Paris, France. This to me is insanity or Liberalism. My personal definition of both is: "That which insists on making no sense at all" The satan has the same IQ in my opinion.

It is a well known fact that terror cells are planted all over the earth. While American exceptional-ism is destroyed inside of 8 years. Apparently, the resurrection of the Caliphate from the moment President Barack Obama gave his "Activation" speech at Cairo University now unimpeded...
I am so thankful for the military of Egypt and the current president, imagine that!

The President of Egypt warned the world saying:

“We have to think hard about what we are facing,” he said,“It’s inconceivable that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire Islamic world to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing, and destruction for the rest of the world. Impossible.”

I have been aware of terror cells raised up within the United States of America for 40 years via the declaration of war against our nation by Iran in 1979. Joel C Rosenberg chronicles this particular Fatwa or "Declaration of War" on his blog entitled.

IRAN DECLARED WAR ON THE U.S. & ISRAEL IN 1979: When will we respond decisively? Source

Osama Bin Laden also declared war of on the United States of America and Israel. The approval for Fatwa based on Sharia law under the Caliphate or Islamic Kingdom which both the Sunni's and Shea envision revived, on going since 1979. Iran has placed terror cells all over the United States of America for going on 40 years. With Al Qeada, & ISIS militarized, moving across the globe, organized, well funded their targets are still the little Satan and the great Satan...Israel and America respective. What many Americans simply have no clue of is that these Fatwa's are legal precedent based on Sharia soucre.

Read This Book!
I suggest to you that the current collapse of the American southern border is done so to allow greater access for militant Islam to penetrate our nation without resistance. I believe (and I really do believe this) that the more the United States of America pushes to divide Israel and to support the monstrous hell known as the Palestinian cause, the more destruction will occur in the USA...."An Eye for an Eye, Measure for Measure." You see, I understand how the Creator of "Life" manages idiocy when defending Israel.

Why the citizens of our "Christian nation" cannot see this connection to our Southern Border and that of Israel's is primarily due to the churches teaching of, "Replacement Theology" woven into the doctrines of every Christian organization since Benjamin Franklin. Moreover, the homosexual community, the abortion supporters, the "Plantation Nation" i.e Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama all live according to the laws of mankind which oppose the Torah of our Creator. I am including too, the Jewish people who support hating Israel, go figure!......

The principals that fostered the Constitution of the United States of America were based on the Laws of YHVH. Today, we are godless, selfish, drunk on political correctness as opposed to Biblical readiness.....

What we are seeing in Paris, France is one terror cell activated. Western societies are supporting via welfare and liberal policies virtually every terror cell known. There are thousands who are trained to attack our elementary, grade &high schools, movie theaters, shopping malls..our kids! Meanwhile oil wealth is perverting our college campuses via Islamic Cultural Centers. The American community/citizenry, much of Europe have a coordinated Islamic war machine subverting damn near everything while populating targeted countries with their children many of whom are now radical adults. Meanwhile, the Jerry Springer show, Maury Povich or absolute stupidity still popular within American culture "Jesus, (Yeshua) LORD, help us!

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian's ass is of vital interest to our youth...
The next generation is being surrounded by sex, drugs, and rock & roll on steroids. Most walk the earth looking a cellphone! What I am watching happen is staggering....The godless cannot see at all, they are raising the next generation...OMG!

Next Scheduled Blood Moon April 4th or Nissan 15, Feast of Passover/Unleavened bread on the Biblical calendar.

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