Monday, January 12, 2015

AJKM Productions is.....What exactly?


AJKM Productions is my company. The letters AJKM are an acronym of the names of my adult children.
The company does not sell a product but will be how I sell my books and will be the entity that my radio broadcast will be under. I am not a 501C3 or Non Profit...don't want to be either!

You can support what I do if you wish but all of your support is income to me via this entity or Sole Proprietor Company.

I removed these donations, tabs, contribution tabs from my blog because I pulled back from all activity that has costs associated to what I do...I went fishing! For 2015 I will be laser focused on the Radio Broadcast......Nuff Said

All of the monetary transactions for AJKM Productions on line will be done via the PAYPAL account set up for this purpose. To support AJKM Productions access PayPal, type in, "" via the PayPal website.

Because two of you asked!

Thank you

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