Saturday, December 13, 2014

Why did Mark Biltz, Brad Scott, Bill Cloud, Rico Cortes & Tony Robinson not toss out the New Testament?

In 2007 I, Jeff Morton, had no idea who Mark Biltz, Brad Scott, Bill Cloud, Tony Robinson, Rico Cortes, and so many, many others were. I had no clue these people were teaching biblical truth that I had never heard before. Over the course of the last several years I have been amazed at what has poured out of the minds of these men along with several women as well. I would be remiss not to mention Diana Dye, Hollisa Alewine, Ann Davis and Valerie Moody to name a few. Equally, finding out who First Fruits of Zion [FFOZ]is along with Messianic Rabbis, both sages of old via Talmudic commentary, as well as new teachers like my friend, author of the book, "The Return of the Kosher Pig" Rabbi Tzahi Shapira and of course, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn who wrote Harbinger

I marvel at how these people, for such a time as this bring forward to both Jewish and non Jewish scholars a discussion that has years in the making. What is come to life via these people, as a result of the unmatchable desire of the God of Creation to redeem is truly.....astounding! 

As I mention above, this journey began for me in 2007 when I asked a simple question receiving a gigantic answer. My journey eventually caused me to meet those who reject God in the flesh altogether (Biblically) or those who see him as a Greek, blond haired, blue eyed, deity no matter what!  The aforementioned individuals in my opinion bring both the Old and the New together with unlimited access to revelation...God's word is boundless. He granted to us permission to speak it, learn from it and rely upon it. I think that when one tosses out God's relationship to Israel than you cannot see his desire to redeem the nations. Equally, when you insist that God cannot become a man and die you ignore the fact that men & death are not the creations of people.

These people above, unlike so many people that choose one or the other offer bridges to cross, concepts to challenge, and ideas to consider. They do so at a time when mankind appears to have lost sight of purpose. The purpose is!

I find that far too many people disregard the Old Testament claiming that 3/4 of God's word is fulfilled or the New Testament to be the the imaginations of a deceitful, Jewish man named Paul of Tarsus who incidentally became something other than Jewish, huh?? Moreover, a great deal of the world's population, like many times before our current generation could care less about anything written here. However, those listed above bring together the two options. I don't know about you but as a man of faith this seems to be entirely the right thing to do.

I cannot toss out either the Old or the New Testaments because they both make more sense to me now...once I removed religion from the information and realized the function of the information. The function of the word of God is life. In the same way a man must have a woman in order to bring forward a child according to the laws of our Creator, His word is also designed to bring together. This is the message of the scholars who penned the entire Bible.

 "A house divided cannot stand"...

We keep proving this for nearly seven centuries at the expense of...LIFE!

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