Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sodomizing boys, Stonning Women, and Steak Knives ("The Late Great Planet Earth" did not tell you about this.)

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When first I became a Christian Hal Lindsey's book, "The Late Great Planet Earth" was all the rage. After reading the book I turned into a prophecy lunatic...OMG, I started reading everything having to do with Christian prophecy teachers...

Today, I discount most of them especially Hal Lindsey and the whole rapture dispensationalism concepts. Please understand I am not putting these people down but I am disagreeing with much of their rhetoric and biblical understanding. Once I reconnected my Biblical understanding to the Hebrews who wrote the Bible my Christian understanding became horribly inadequate (to be brutally honest.)
Nevertheless, when I read about people loosing their heads during the tribulation period I pictured guillotines with Gestapo type monsters sponsoring state Holocaust. Never in my wildest thoughts did I picture Islamic lunatics burning people alive, cutting off the heads of men, women, and children with steak knives! Sodomize young boys along with their fathers as a form of humiliation, publicly!
The thought of seeing videos of women buried to their shoulders while men hurled insults, bricks & rocks down upon them, killing them was not in my conscious. I never pictured young teenage boys being buried alive, in holes that they were forced to dig, throughout the deserts of what is now the Middle East. I never thought I would live to see a man cut out the heart of another man only to then start eating it as a show of conquest. I had no idea that men would legalize molestation of children under the age of 12 via Islamic marriage and Sharia Law

It was not in my mind that I would one day watch videos of the aftermath caused by a murdering bastard otherwise known as a suicide bomber whereby I would see body parts blown through car windows, stuck to buildings or wrapped around street poles, on fire. It was not a part of my world to see young mentally disabled teenage boys forced to wear suicide vests laced with ball bearings while plastic explosives was molded around their legs and private parts connected to detonators. I just had no concept of these things as a  new Christian studying prophecy

When I think about what has now happened to the "Children in Pakistan" as result of the Taliban or this Islamic individual in Australia or any number of terrorist attacks globally occurring, not a thought in my head that the United States Government would down play all of this while leading the pack to Divide swinging wide open the gate to Communist Cuba by our first Black, White, Christian, Islamic, Communist president, Click Here

I never thought as a a new Christian that church concepts at that time a celebration for me would be a dismal, muted entity, voiceless and fractured while all of these prophetic things were occurring.

Interestingly enough, Israel is fighting for the covenant lands surrounded by a sea of Islamic people hellbent on killing the Jews. The Church did not teach me anything about that fight and none of what I have written above was spoken of [now going on nearly forty years later] I was taught that the church would be raptured...I always wondered, what denomination?

The Biblical prophecies when written, did not know about America or the church or...US! Every Christian that I knew back then did not know about Islam and every Pastor that taught me did not teach about what we are now witnessing globally via the descendants of Ismael. Nor did they teach me about Israel or the promises that God made to his people....?

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