Friday, December 5, 2014

Saving young Girls while feeling "RIPPED OFF?"


You have not been ripped off bro!

It was on my heart to contact a new friend who I happened to say hello to last Shabbat while leaving El Shaddai Ministries. Turns out Rick Daviscourt (His name) leads a ministry

 Restoring Children International 

in Peru helping young girls, kids really, escape the sexual, abusive hell imposed upon them by degenerate men and people who prey on children. Rick has a veracious  desire to understand the Bible having become a born again Christian in 1978. He loves the things of God, lives to serve the Kingdom. Rick made the following statement during our phone conversation:

 "I thought I knew the Bible but am realizing that I was ripped off!"
I have heard this sentiment possibly ten thousand times or more over the course of the last 8 years.

Anyway, I called Rick because I knew he would have questions, many, many questions with regard to HOW we are taught to understand the Scriptures. It is this very thing that is unraveling in his world. We have corresponded over the course of the last week via emails. Clearly, he is trying to fit the Bible into his religious narrative......
I encouraged him to try not to do this, Ha!
This is the equivalent of asking a 58 year old to unlearn how to walk. Some of you will understand what I just wrote, (smile)

I started sharing with Rick how the Bible is written pointing out the abstract nature we "New Testament" taught believers in the WORD of God tend to comprehend the written word. I challenged what he knew with what the Bible actually says; always at a disadvantage because neither one of us know Hebrew. (I have a perfunctory understanding of biblical Hebrew, certainly enough to readily see the antisemitic translations in the English versions of Biblical text) Equally, I research passages that make no sense in the English. Studying the Bible in this fashion has become secondary.

At the end of what turned out to be a two hour phone conversation Rick exclaimed, "There is so much that I have to relearn or unlearn. I feel like I have to start all over!"

I showed to him passages in the scriptures that challenged much of what he has known for years proving to him the actual story in the Bible that is almost diametrically in opposition to the religion born out of letters written by Apostle Paul (in my opinion). I said to him, "Were Paul alive today he would ask of most Christians, "What in the heck are you people talking about?" Those Jews who disregard Paul's writing would say, "Ovey did our Rabbi's teach us a bunch of CRAP concerning you!"

In any case, I kept our discussion focused on what God is doing not on what we (Jew and non Jew) have done to what God is doing...Logically, I focused on Israel because the entire Bible is focused on Israel and how God is revealing what he is doing through this nation. I showed to Rick how to see this as opposed to understanding the right religion! He was very, very appreciative saying to me, "Wow, now I have even more questions." I understood. Rick is reconnecting Torah to the Gospel and the Gospel to Torah! The mind blowing journey of our brother begins anew! Rick is truly a servant to the Kingdom of Yahweh...Thank you brother! You have not been ripped off but rather, invited to "Believe the Unbelievable"
 And so it goes!

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