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Restoring Children International (Newsletter)


Possibly the biggest problem that I have is that I don't feel like I am doing anything of meaning for the Kingdom. I struggle with living in a Godless society whereby anything and everything that is against biblical truth is warring against our Creator. I stopped doing radio because I thought, what purpose does this really serve?

Recently I have come across the following ministry. I marvel at those who are doing..."DOING"..., something for God's family. Whether Christian, Jew or whatever, far too many people need someone to care about them. Rick Daviscourt, along with so many others are doing the work. This is what is missing in my spirit. Writing is one thing, getting our hands dirty is another....My hands are too clean! Making donations is easy (when I have money) I think it is simply time to get a passport and see what Abba, Father might have me do. The negativity surrounding my spirit as I watch America become..."Ridiculous"... demands that I shut down the chaos. My spirit is becoming distraught. Perhaps it is time for me to become focused on one thing that makes a difference in someone else's life.

When Care Really Counts

Care. It means different things to different people. At our “Familia Internacional” 
home for Southern Peru’s highly at-risk female children and youth, it means meeting the needs of our girls on every level.

We are neither an orphanage nor a shelter. We are a family that seeks to give the very best of our lives and resources so that they may blossom into the young women that God intended them to be from the very beginning of their days.

The "Familia Internacional" Home
Providing care and family for Peru's invisible female children
We Care

For us, our girls are our daughters and are part of a larger international family of individuals, like you, who join arms with us to make their ongoing care and security a reality.

With the resources that are afforded us, we work hard and hands-on, to give them the love, emotional, and physical security that they did not have before arriving to our doorstep. But, it doesn't stop there. It cannot. We seek to do our best to form each one into a model citizen so that once they leave our home to go out on their own, they will have a firm grasp as to what are solid core values - such as honesty, transparency, loyalty, faithfulness, purity, hard work, peace, love, and more. These values are sadly lacking in much of their society.

Women are agents of change for their cultures. The hand that rocks the cradle is also the one that forms future leaders. Women are not to be looked down upon as second class citizens, but instead to be revered as beings made in the image of God with a very important mission on our earth that only their gender can carry out.
We invite you to participate with us to make this very difference in their lives!
As 2014 draws to a close, we at Restoring Children both in the USA and Peru, want to thank  you for your support this past year. To the upper right, you may click on our video to hear for yourself not only our thanks, as as an organization, but also that of our children. In it, our kids tell about their dreams and what they experience in our family. Note that we are both Restoring Hope International and Restoring Children International.
Please consider partnering with us in 2015. While life goes on for each of us who live outside of Peru, the needs of our daughters just simply do not go away. To run our family, we need a very minimum of $4,500 per month. A real bargain considering that with it we pay salaries, rent, doctors, education, and much more for our current 18 girls.
Donations may be made via PayPal at
Alternately, a check or money order may be sent to us at:
Restoring Children International
 PO Box 2128
 Leavenworth, WA 98826 
Restoring Children International's parent organization is Restoring Hope International Foundation also of Leavenworth, WA.
Your financial gifts will be used for the following purposes:
  • Water
  • Lights
  • Telephone
  • Clothing
  • Medical / Dental / Eye Care
  • Education
  • Personal Hygiene Supplies
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Rent on our Home
  • Fuel
  • Food
  • or our vehicles
  • Girls home staff salaries
  • Office supplies
  • And, much
Rick Daviscourt
Restoring Children International

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